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Getting The Most From Your Rack Card Printing

You've got the basics down -- your rack card has your company name and logo, hours of operation, directions that are easy to follow, and a few key points about your business or service. But if you want your rack cards to really shine, try these tips for rack card printing.

* One sided or two sided printing? This choice can make an impact on your printing budget. If you want to make the best impression possible, choose two sided printing. This gives you a further opportunity to display any special offers or incentives.

* Glossy or uncoated? Another choice that can make a big impact on your printing budget. Glossy rack cards will look more professional and eye-catching. If you'll be changing your cards often -- perhaps you are a restaurant with an ever-changing menu if so, stick with uncoated rack cards.

* Choose a paper weight that will keep your card standing up in the rack, not flopping over in defeat.

* Make your headline -- the part that stands up above the rack itself -- eye catching. This may be the only thing that potential customers see. Place your headline on both the front and back of the card, just in case your card gets placed in the rack backwards.

* Use the middle of your card for a striking visual. A picture of a couple or a family having fun will convey the message that your attraction is an exciting place to visit! A serene water scene shows viewers that they'll find peace and tranquility by dealing with you. Use images to help reinforce your message.

* Choose images that will encourage the kind of customers you want. For example, if you are a meeting space looking to host more business events, you should feature images of your conference rooms -- not a picture of your lovely landscaping. Think like a customer; what kind of images would attract you to a business?

* Place special discounts, offers, and directions on the back of the card. Your main selling points should be on the front; the information and offers on the back are there to sweeten the deal.

* Keep your content simple and straightforward. Pick five or six strong points to emphasize on the front of the rack card, and direct readers to your website for more information.

* Make sure your cards fit the rack! Take the time to contact a few hotels, rest stops, diners, airports, and rental car agencies to ask about their size requirements. Some locations also have strict guidelines for rack card content, to avoid an endorsement of one attraction or retail space over another.

* Include a special offer for out-of-state visitors and hotel guests. Offer free admission for children or a two-for-one deal. Coupons,discounts or other freebies encourage a quick response.

* Contact your local travel and tourism bureau for information about locations

where you can place your rack cards around town or around the region.

Want your rack card printing to serve double duty? Your rack cards can often be inserted into an envelope and sent to your mailing list.

Don't think rack card printing is only for tourist attractions! People on vacation may have local friends and family who need your services. Think about rack cards to advertise a new doctor's office or urgent care centre, car care center, banking services, casual and fine dining, communication services, transportation services, and more.

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