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Essential Elements For Your Promotional Items

Everybody loves freebies. Promotional items - such as pens, key chains, hats, mouse pads, etc - help to spread the word about your company quickly and easily. A giveaway creates a positive feeling about your company. Your generosity will come back to you in the form of more business, more referrals, and repeat customers.

Promotional items can range widely in size and shape. Something as small as a ballpoint pen or as large as a backpack can be imprinted with your logo. So how do you make the most of your advertising budget with promotional items? Here are some tips to help you get started.

1. Use colour to your advantage. Colour is eye catching. Colour gets attention. But you have to be smart about your colour use! If you pick a promotional item that features one of your company's logo colours, that's one less colour you'll need to pay to print. Printing on a light coloured substrate (the item you are printing on) tends to use less ink than printing on a dark coloured substrate. Both of these choices can help save you money on the setup costs and number of imprints.

2. Keep it clear, keep it simple, and keep it bold. Make sure your logo is as large as it can possibly be for the best visibility. Make sure it is clear, clean, and simple -- your logo art may need to be tweaked for best visibility. Talk to your printing professional about ways to make your logo look great on your promotional items. Make your tag line simple and compelling. If you try to put too much information on a tiny pen or keychain, you'll be diluting the impact of your primary message. Your extra information may be barely readable! Pick one point -- your phone number, website, or featured product -- and make your message short and sweet.

3. Think about multiple imprint areas on your promotional items. A tee shirt, for example, may be printed on the front, on the back, or on the sleeves. Using more than one imprint area can raise your printing costs, but the extra exposure may be worth it. Be creative! Think about a teaser sort of question on the front of your promotional item, with the answer on the back. Join forces with a complimentary business and put your logo on one side and their logo on the other. The possibilities are nearly endless.

4. Ask your printing professional about proofs and samples. If you have enough lead time, you may be able to get a variety of mockups for your finished product to see which promotional item will look the best. You may also be able to get a pre-production proof -- an actual finished, imprinted promotional item to review before the full order is printed. The more lead time you can provide your printing professional, the more options you'll have.

The best and most popular promotional items are both practical and portable. Practical, because you want your customers and potential customers to keep your promotional items handy. The more customers use your promotional items, the more exposure yourcompany will get. The customers will become familiar with your brand quickly and easily. This ties into portability -- your message won't just be seen by the person who receives the promotional item. A tee shirt, key chain, backpack, or other promotional item with your logo will be seen frequently as the owner (or wearer) travels through their day.

Take a moment to consider the value for money, too. It can be difficult to find a balance between what the promotional item costs you and the quality of your giveaway. Many promotional items come in a variety of materials -- for example, you can find key chains in plastic, leather, and metal -- so there may be an option that fits into your advertising budget. Want to really boost the value for your customers? Look at multifunction promotional items like a mouse pad with a built-in calculator, or a key chain that doubles as a bottle opener.

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