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Ten Essential Elements For Your

Promotional Calendar Printing.

Distributing a custom printed calendar to your customers is a great way to keep your business in front of your customers every day for a year! So what does it take to make a successful calendar? There are a lot of things you need to consider including in your calendar printing.

1. Your business name. Include your name in a prominent place on every page in your calendar printing. You want people to remember your company every time they look at the calendar.

2. Your contact information. Where your name goes, you should also include your location, website, phone number, and email. If your customers need to get in touch with you, all they have to do is glance at the calendar.

3. Important dates for all. Your calendar printing won’t be very useful unless it’s got the basics -- like days of the week and national and religious holidays and observances.

4. Important dates for your business. Planning a big event? Do you hold a yearly anniversary sale? All these things can go in your calendar printing to help your customers remember when to shop. If you’re sending out a month-by-month calendar, try to find some business-related event to mention for every month of the year.

5. Useful information. Some people like to keep track of the full moon. Some people might need a list of weights and measures. Information that relates to your business will be useful to your customers. If you are a landscaper, including landscape tips would be a great idea to give your calendar extra value.

6. Appropriate images. If you are a landscaper, you may want to feature some of your favorite properties in your calendar printing. Depending on the type of calendar you choose, you may need one image per month, or just one for the whole year.

7. Type of calendar. Do you want to give your customers a twelve month wall calendar? A daily desk planner? A year-at-a-glance calendar? Wallet-sized calendar cards? You have lots of options in calendar printing; choosing the type of calendar you want is your first step.

8. Type of binding. Staples, wire, or adhesives? The binding you choose for your calendar printing can make a big difference in cost. Talk to your printer about the possibilities.

9. Lamination. Do you want your promotional calendar to survive the year? You may need it laminated. Many professional printers can take care of this for you, if you don’t want to deal with it on your own.

10. Calendar stands. If you’ve chosen a desk-sized calendar, a stand is the perfect accessory. Print your name on the stand too, if you want the extra exposure -- next year’s calendar will fit it perfectly.

You may also want to include some sort of daily or monthly message to help brighten the reader’s day. A motivational slogan, inspirational message, joke of the day, or brain-boosting puzzle will keep people interested in your calendar on a daily basis. What kind of emotion do you want to evoke in your customer? Humor calendars are so popular because people like to laugh! Think about how you want your customers to feel when they look at your custom printed calendar, and see if you can find a way to include that emotion in your finished product.

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