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Promo Items Printing

Something as simple as a pen or key chain, imprinted with your company logo, can have a big impact on your profits. Promotional items can spread your message far and wide, for a relatively small investment.

Here are the tips for Your Promotional Items

With so many different promotional items available, your giveaways are limited only by your imagination and your advertising budget. Here are some tips to help you get the most from your promotional items.

1* Look at the different options available for each item. Different fabrics and colours for shirts can make a big difference in what you are spending. Pens and pencils can be fancy and luxurious or affordable and simple. Do you think your customers and potential customers will notice a difference, or decline your freebie because you have a plain white pen instead of a shiny black pen with a fancy gel grip?

2* Think about the image you want your promotional items to convey. Maybe your company does need to give out shiny black pens with fancy gel grips -- if the image of luxury and elegance is important to your brand. Choose promotional items that match the feeling of your brand: dignified, lighthearted, trustworthy, fun loving, reliable, etc.

3* How much lead time do you have on production? A simpler item with fewer colors will have a shorter turnaround time than a complicated, multi-surface printing job. Rush jobs can add to your printing costs, so be sure to order as far in advance as you possibly can. Give yourself at least three weeks from start to finish, to ensure the smoothest production possible.

4* Look through some promotional item catalogues or websites for ideas. This will help you get an idea of what is available and what it might cost you -- so you can plan your budget accordingly.

5* Talk to your printing professional. You may be able to work together to create a promotional item that is totally unique!

6* Don't pick your promotional item based solely on price. Try to find something that will be useful for your target audience -- if they want to carry it around, you've got a winner.

7* Don't pick your promotional item based solely on what is popular. Trends come and go, and you don't want to be just another person jumping on the bandwagon. A unique promotional item will help you stand out.

8* Share your promotional items with your employees. Your hardworking staff will appreciate the gift -- and will carry your promotional items around for more brand exposure! You can build company loyalty and company awareness at the same time.

9* Test samples of your promotional products on employees, clients, and others. You may find surprising results -- that goofy stress ball could be a hit with your staff. Clients may not be interested in wearing your company colours. Tote bags printed with your logo may be more popular with female clients and employees than with males. You never know what you'll find! A little sample testing can help save you from making a huge mistake.

The more flexible your promotional items are, the more audiences they will appeal to. If you can hand your promotional items to customers, prospective customers, employees, vendors, and dealers, you've got a winner on your hands.

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