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Magazine Printing

Getting The Most From Your Magazine Printing

Magazine printing can take a lot of effort on your part -- you have to come up with the content before you're ready to print. Your printing professional can help you with the magazine layout and design before your magazine goes to press. If this is your first experience with magazine printing, these tips will come in handy.

* Full colour printing is the standard for magazine printing. A spot colour or black and white magazine may have a hard time competing on the rack with full colour magazines. Colour is real, and people relate to it easily.

* The paper used in most magazine printing is lightweight and somewhat glossy. The coating gives your pages a shiny, vibrant look.

* Offset printing is popular for magazine printing because it produces sharp, clear images quickly and consistently. This printing process works well with a variety of printing surfaces -- not just paper!

* Talk to your printing professional before you submit your magazine for printing. They may have design tips, layout advice, and ideas to help you save money on your printing. Your printing professional may also be able to help with mailing and other distribution. Ask about quality control and what happens if a mistake is made.

* Be clear about what you want, and communicate your desires to your printer. Good communication is the key to the success of any printing project! With a complicated project like a magazine, you want to communicate clearly, before the project begins.

* Be organized. Deliver your materials to the printer in the proper order. Make sure they're neat and that directions are easy to understand. Point out any potential problem areas -- colours that may be unique or layouts that may be different from your standard.

* Proofread your articles, headlines, and advertisements before you submit them to the printer. Spelling and grammar errors will reflect poorly on your magazine.

* Deliver your materials to the printer, on time. If you hand over your magazine late, you are forcing the printer to rush to produce your product on time. You'll be stressed, your printer will be stressed, and the finished product may suffer.

* Keep an eye on physical quality -- pages in order, pages printed in alignment, binding on straight. Your printing professional may allow you or a representative from your company to be present during the pressrun so that you can see the magazine immediately as it is printed, trimmed, and bound. After the first few issues, you may not need to be present for every pressrun.

* Ask your printing professional for proofs before the magazine goes to press. This will give you a last chance to proofread text, judge image quality, and layout.

* You can reduce your printing costs by selling advertising space in your magazine! Offer a variety of ad sizes to give advertisers a chance to find an option that fits within their budgets. Generally, magazine ads may be full page, half page, quarter page, 1/8 page, or business card sized.

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