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Ten Essential Elements For Printing Postcards

Have a message to get out? Printing Postcards is an efficient, effective, and economical way to get your message out to the people on your mailing list! Think about your daily mail -- postcards catch your eye quickly and are often the first things read. Even if you aren’t interested in what the postcard has to say, you probably (at least) check out the message before you toss it in the trash. Sales letters and mailed brochures may be tossed out before the envelope is opened.

There are some important elements to consider when printing Postcards.

1. Size requirements. Check with your local post office about domestic (and international, if necessary) postcard sizes. You may be restricted to certain dimensions to qualify for Postcard Rate. The most popular postcard sizes are 4x6, 5x7, and 5 ½ by 8 ½.

2. Mailing rates. Your post office may offer different options for mailing. First Class Mail is usually more expensive but is faster than Bulk Mail . If the information contained in your postcards is time sensitive, you may want to pay more for the faster mailing service. Bulk (or Standard) mail delivery times can vary depending on post office volume; expect a longer delivery time during the busy holiday season. If you are a Non Profit organization, you may qualify for discounted postage rates.

3. Quantity. Look at your mailing list; this will give you an idea of how many postcards you will need at a minimum. You also have the option of buying a mailing list to try and get your companies message, out in front of new customers.

4. Paper type. You’ll need a heavier weight of paper for printing Postcards, simply to survive the mailing process! Postcards are most often printed on Card Stock, Card Stock is often described in points (instead of weight like printer paper) the higher number of points, the heavier the paper stock, a heavier paper is more durable.

5. Colour, or no colour? Colour can be a very powerful attention-getter! Research shows that full colour (also known as four-color or CYMK) processing delivers the best reader response so you may want to splurge on a more expensive colour process for printing postcards. Most postcards are full colour on at least one side.

6. Coated, or uncoated? If you’ll be using full colour, you’re going to need your paper coated -- at least on the coloured side. You can opt for coating only on one side of the paper; this is known as C1S. Coating on both sides is known as C2S. Uncoated stock is suitable for single colour postcard printing.

7. A message to get out there. Send a postcard to notify customers of a change of address, an upcoming sale or event, or an exciting new product. You don’t have a whole lot of space on a postcard, so you need to keep it short and sweet. Get the important points out there -- the date of an open house, for example -- and try to leave the clutter out.

8. Your company logo. You do want customers to know who the message is from, right? Using your logo on everything you print and everything you send helps create a unified, professional image for your company.

9. Your contact information. Want your customers to go shopping on your new website? Want them to show up at your shiny new office? You’re going to have to tell them how to find you. When printing postcards, make sure to include your phone number, web address, physical address -- whatever you want them to have. The more choices a customer has for contacting you, the more likely they are to use one of them.

10. Include Your return address. The benefit of including a return address is that any undeliverable postcards will come back to you -- and you can update your mailing list accordingly.

Now you've learned the essential elements for printing postcards. "How To Create High Impact Flyers That Will Stand Out From The Rest" could be another option for getting your message across.

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