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Insider 'Small Business Printing' Advice...

Avoid Printing Rip-Offs

Looking for insider advice on small business printing to help avoid printing rip-offs? With this guide you'll be on the front foot every time you talk to a printing company

Small Business Printing Rip-off #1
Poor pricing systems.

Some companies have flaws in their pricing systems. When you ask for a quote on an A4 (210mm x 297mm) job with a quantity of 1,000 and an A5 (148.5mm x 210mm) job with a quantity of 2,000, the price should be exactly the same. There will however be a cutting charge of around $10.00 plus a layout fee of approx. $5.00 for the A5 job. If you are being charged much more than that, you are being taken advantage of.

Small Business Printing Rip-off #2
Overpricing on standard orders.

We did some research and comparatively shopped for a quantity of 1,000 letterheads with 2 colours on Reflex 80gsm white bond paper with camera ready copy art supplied. The highest price we found was $270 and the lowest price was $145, Amazing isn't it? Our advice to you is don't pick the lowest and lean somewhat towards the highest. This way you won't be ripped off, but will be likely to get a quality job at a fair price.

Small Business Printing Rip-off #3
"Bait and switch" advertising

Avoid low price ads such as “A5 flyers- $9.95 for 500”.This is typical "bait and switch" advertising. Nobody normally leaves paying only $9.95. They commonly charge around $25 for artwork and $20 for the plate and before you know it, you are paying a higher price than another printer would have charged you, if not more. This method of bait and switch is one to be careful of. Stay away from it or look very closely before proceeding.

Small Business Printing Rip-off #4
Paying for the same art several times over.

When ordering a brand new print job, make sure the printer breaks down the cost of typesetting and printing. This way, on future orders, you can make sure you are only paying for the printing. Avoid being charged multiple times for your art. Unethical printers look at this as a good source of income. Be very careful.

Small Business Printing Rip-off #5
Printing the order with a lower grade paper.

When you place your printing order, verify the paper stock your job is to be printed on. Take a sample with you and bring the sample back when you pick up your order. Make sure the colour, texture and weight are the same. Some unethical printers quote a higher quality paper and save money by substituting a cheaper grade of paper.

Small Business Printing Rip-off #6
Copying instead of printing.

Some unethical printers substitute photocopies for printing. There are some printers that use a photocopier for any black ink jobs. Printing provides a much better quality result. The ink gets to the pores of the paper and consequently it doesn't chip off or stick together in the heat. Some people have had valuable information stored away, supposedly printed, only to discover that they were all stuck together when pulled out later, therefore ruined. Rub your finger over one sheet, if it feels slightly raised, it is a photocopy. If you pick up your pile of 300 sheets together and you feel lumps where each line is - they are photocopies. They are also photocopies if the ink (toner) cracks when the paper is folded. Avoid getting inferior reproduction and make sure you get what you paid for.

Last but not least: Rip-off #7
Paying for metal plates when paper plates were actually used.

Metal plates print a higher quality job. Metal plate printing helps maintain the fine lines in your job, making them crisper and sharper. Also it captures the gradient and tonal ranges of pictures/photos being printed. Paper plates are made for the quick print industry for a lower quality reproduction. Make sure you are not charged for a metal plate when a paper plate was used. Ask to see the metal plates that were supposed to have been used to print your job. When Choosing Printing Companies, Are You Making These Mistakes?

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