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Getting The Most From File Folder Printing

A presentation folder is a great way for your company to portray a professional image without spending more money than you need to. Pocket folder printing paired with a variety of inserts gives the impression that you have a team assembling unique full color samples for each prospect and client.

• Bring your presentation folders to trade shows and conventions to show off your company and your products. You can change the inserts for every person you talk to!

• Create a separate insert for each product, product line, or service offered and you'll have everything you need to instantly put together a dynamic presentation folder.

• By tailoring each presentation folder to the recipient, you save money and paper and time! You don't have to give everyone a thick booklet if they're only interested in one product or service.

• You can print your company name and logo on the outside of the presentation folder. Just in case your contact information changes, it is best to NOT put your contact information on the folder itself. Instead, insert your business card to provide contact information.

• Follow up with clients and prospects you've met by sending along new inserts periodically.

• Include a form or a detachable card that prospects can mail in to place orders or set up appointments.

If you are looking to save money on your file folder printing, you may want to consider buying your presentation folders in bulk. This is why putting your contact information right on the folder can be a bad idea -- if you buy enough folders to last several years, what happens if your contact information or store locations change? Best put your logo on the front and save the contact information for your business cards.

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