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Presentation Folder Printing, How To Get The Most

From Your Presentation Folder

A presentation folder is a great tool to promote your company's products and services in the most professional way possible. It can be used to present business proposals, quotations, to organise product information, conference handouts and much more. By making a strong, positive and lasting impression with clients and prospects, a professionally printed folder will increase enquires and your chances of turning your leads into sales.

Here are some tips to get the most from your presentation folder:

Flexibility to reprint inserts with frequently changing information - inexpensively
You can add marketing inserts about your products or services to the pocket of your presentation folder. You can also buy matching paper for your laser printer to print last minute additions which can be inserted into your presentation folder. Be sure to include contact information in every insert in case it is separated from the pack

Adopt a more versatile approach
A versatile approach is to print your company logo, name, address, phone and fax numbers and web site address on your folder. Your inserts can say anything you want them to, you can collate and insert your marketing materials to target a specific market, if you provide multi services and want to best present your business using the same presentation folder.

Prolong the life span of your presentation folder
In case you should move or change contact details, you can have your contact information printed only on your business card and insert that into the business card slit of your presentation folder pocket, this will allow you to re-use your presentation folder over and over again.

Choose the right finish
Most presentation folders have gloss varnish or gloss/matt lamination for a durable, high-end finish. For an extremely impressive and professional looking folder, you can have your logo or text foil stamped or embossed into the cover of the folder.

Have the right design and format
In business everything should be impressive and professional looking. It is important to select a colour scheme that is not so flashy as to distract from the main message you're trying to put across. The design should be very clean and sharp; the font style should be readable and the folder should be large enough to envelop the papers inside.

Choose the right folder style to handle your job
A self-locking style presentation folder is an ideal general folder as it requires no gluing, which costs extra because of the additional gluing process. Choose a printer who specializes in folder printing and who has the expensive dies used to cut the final folder and the equipment necessary to fold and glue.

Have consistent design for related printing items
The related products such as envelopes, brochures, catalogues, inserts and business cards can be designed or ordered at the same time, to maintain a consistent design scheme and to enjoy a better package rate.

Make your folder work hard for you
Some presentation folders feature standard business card slits, and/or CD-ROM slits to make your folders even more effective. But remember that it is the materials inside the folder that help you close those important deals, so work hard on your selling message - to make people realize that you're not just another company.

If you're just starting out in business or need a very small quantity on a shoestring budget, then you might like to consider buying blank folders from a stationery supplier and applying printed stickers(another option for presentation folder printing).

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