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Poster Printing, How to create more impact with

your poster printing... give yourself that professional edge

Posters are one of the most widely used forms of advertising. Poster Printing give you a high impact, effective and affordable way to promote your message, whether it be: advertising an upcoming sale or event, introducing your company, selling new products, or promoting a service to the public...Posters are ideal for shopfront windows, bulletin boards, hallways, wall hangings or trade show advertising...just about anywhere to give your message the maximum exposure. A good poster will get the word out dramatically and improve your company’s image.

Here are some key points for effective poster printing:

Define your target customers
Find out who they are, find out what they want. Will your message attract their attention immediately? What is the most important "take home" message your poster printing should convey? Design your poster with your target customers in mind.

Make your message clear and simple
The primary aim of poster printing is to create a poster that will get noticed and influence prospects to take action. All non essential information should be removed; your poster printing should just trigger people's interest in the poster, rather than provide complete details. People read posters while on the move; they tend initially to only glance at them. To attract attention, the design should be visually appealing; titles and subheadings should be short and meaningful. Headings of more than six words should be in both upper and lower case, avoid using only capital letters. Use bullet points, short paragraphs, charts and tables to simplify your information. Text in the body of the poster should be readable from a distance.

Use pictures and colour wisely and with caution
Choose the right picture/s to emphasize the key points, pictures should be attractive & clear but never used only for visual appeal. The same principle applies to the use of colour: it should be used for good reason such as adding emphasis and clarity, etc. Not to just "dress up" your poster, overuse of colour is distracting.

Check for the right image resolution
Beware of incorporating low resolution logos and web graphics in your poster printing. Most web images have 72 dots per inch of resolution, that looks fine on the screen but printing at that resolution will be a turn off to prospective customers as these images will be extremely pixilated and look terrible when enlarged for a poster.

Have adequate spacing
Leave some open space in the design to direct the readers' attention to the key elements, a busy design will look unattractive and lead to audience distraction.

Order your poster printing with different printing processes in mind
For smaller quantities, custom sizes and shorter turnaround use digital, wide format printing. If you are printing more than 100 posters, traditional offset printing is much more cost effective and is the highest resolution poster printing available.

Choose the right paper stock
Using coated paper stock will give you sharper results, as opposed to un-coated paper stock which will cause a slight loss of crispness. Make sure the stock is reasonably heavy so that it will handle the wear and tear.

Consider a special finish to enhance your poster printing
For traditional offset printed posters, there are 3 main coatings: machine varnish, UV coating and film celloglazing/lamination to enhance the posters appearance and further protect it, especially for extended outdoor or repeated use.

Review, Review, Review
Before printing, double and triple check your file for content, spelling and imported images. Check for legibility and consistency in: layout, colour, text size, font style and spacing. Don’t forget to include your name and contact information, and the names of your contributors, sponsors etc. on the poster. Give yourself plenty of time to get your poster printing done. Reprints and corrections will take more time and could be very costly.

Need a bigger poster?
With today's digital technology, we can print up to a huge 3.2 metres wide with unlimited length, which is guaranteed to get everyone's attention. To drive traffic and increase sales with sharp large format printing, please see our large format printing page

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