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Finished The Job On Time… And Saved Us Thousands of Dollars in Lost Revenue!

“No more printing worries for me. I was so worried when we had less than a week before our trade show in Melbourne and our catalogue was still at the design stage. Even worse, the printing company I normally use was temporarily closed.

Out of desperation, I found Advance Printing & Signs from the  Yellow Pages. I was still sceptical about my full colour catalogue being  finished in a few days.

 I have to admit I was very fortunate to find them – Advance Printing & Signs performed magic and finished the job 2 days earlier to give me more time to plan and present our show more professionally, and saving us possibly thousands of dollars in lost revenue.”

 Krist Dewan, Managing Director, Angel Imports Australia P/L,
Rydalmere NSW

Discover With Advance Printing & Signs…

  • Our combined experience of 127 years in the Printing Industry, ensures a high standard of workmanship that will enhance the professional image of your company.
  • A Highly successful Printing Company that has operated for more than 11 years with a  convenient location in central Sydney.
  • A reliable and trustworthy printing service that communicates with you, asks questions and gives you practical suggestions, to give you the best possible results for your printing and signage!
  • One of the few printing services that prides itself in taking deadlines seriously. Failure to meet deadlines is the major complaint people have against printers. This is why last year our ability to get the job done on time peaked at 98.9%. Something very rare in today’s printing industry!
  • Competitive printing and signage rates that save YOU Loads of Money… and increase your PROFITS!
  • Fast up-front honest quotes in the first place – this means no sneaky hidden costs.We don’t get it Right YOU Don’t Pay!!
PLUS Much More…        

From The Desk Of David Ji
Leading Australian Printing Company Expert
“The Only
Printing Expert Specializing in One Stop Printing and Signage, On Time, Right Every Time or it’s replaced…FREE.”
    Dear Friend,

            Do you ever feel disappointed by poor quality printing that doesn't present the professional image of your company the way you want or feel frustrated by excuses for late delivery that cause you so much hassle? Do you ever feel overwhelmed, by having to use several different suppliers to put a marketing project together (sometimes even a simple request from the printing company to be given a copy of your artwork in the right file format from a signage supplier or vice versa can take forever),  if so this may be the most important letter you’ve ever read.   

    In just a few minutes I’ll explain why but first let me ask you …

         Do you want a proven Printing and Signage service that goes beyond trial and error and delivers everything they promise from the moment you make your first contact ?

         Well I’m offering you an incredible opportunity to SHARPEN the image of your business and save you time, money and stress with a printing company that delivers  Quick and Easy solutions for all your Printing and Signage needs in a way that you never dreamed possible.

      Here’s how…

        My name is David Ji and as the proud owner of ADVANCE PRINTING & SIGNS for the last 11 years, I’ve been totally dedicated to helping company owners/managers find quick, long-lasting and very simple solutions to their printing and signage needs.

         And I know for sure I can help you to FREE yourself from the many frustrating and annoying problems…

For 1000’s of satisfied customers Advance Printing & Signs is the first choice for all their printing & signage requirements
ALL under the ONE BIG ROOF…

          A good printing service has to have the ability to offer Traditional Offset Printing as well as High Speed Digital Printing or even the New Wide Format Printing for your display requirements. 

          Only a top-notch printing service is able to provide you with the best quality
     materials, logos, colours, fonts and styles and remain consistent with reasonable
     prices and deadlines.  

    So why is ADVANCE PRINITNG & SIGNS so popular?

           Imagine you’re at a seminar or conference related to your business and the attendees notice your flyers and business cards on a table with a whole lot of others but pick up yours instead of your competitors because they look fantastic and are more appealing.

          Or, you receive our newsletter and are inspired by our hot tips and money making suggestions. Then you create a very effective and lucrative campaign making $$$$ for yourself and your company and get credit for a job well done. How would you feel about that?

          Imagine you’re a busy company owner or manager trying to put an exhibition together, instead of chasing different suppliers and paying courier costs, you just make one easy phone call and all your printing and signage is taken care of by a one-stop printing company that you know will deliver everything on time, right every time with a consistent high quality finish.

    Well all this is possible because now…

          I’m offering you an incredible opportunity to turn many of the negative things you experience with the printing industry into something much more positive. Did you know it truly is possible to FREE yourself from all these frustrating situations?

             But don’t just take my word for it, here’s what others have to say about our incredible service at ADVANCE PRINITNG & SIGNS…
The Quality Of Services Provided Is Excellent!

“As the principal of Lavulo Lawyers, I ensure that our printing and  signage requirements, costs, quality of work and level of services are  excellent. Lavulo Lawyers printing and signage needs are provided for  by Advance Printing & Signs. Advance Printing & Signs are able to  provide us with all our printing, designing and sign making needs.

 Advance Printing & Signs quality of services enables Lavulo  Lawyers to save time and costs. This allows us to concentrate on  providing quality legal services to our clients. The quality and services  provided by Advance Printing & Signs are excellent”  

 Veronica Lavulo, Principal, Lavulo Lawyers, Burwood NSW

Received Ahead of Time!

“Energy Australia placed an order on Advance Printing & Signs for 200 Inspection books for electrical substations. The books were  received ahead of time agreed upon and on budget.
The quality of work and service provided by Advance Printing &   Signs was of the highest quality”

 Amir Hanna, Manager-Duty Of Care, Energy Australia.

" Helped Our Business Grow!..."

“As our business was growing we were looking for an expert in helping our company expand its print advertising. We have used several different companies in the past to do our printing, but none of them gave anything other than temporary or inconsistent service...

Advance Printing has become a great part of our business. They have helped us reach optimum exposure and the feedback we receive from our own customers regarding the quality of our printwork is overwhelming. Something you usually don’t hear of.

Undoubtedly, due to Advance Printing’s advice and quality of service they have helped increase business to our company...

We are extremely thankful to David and the team for the extraordinary services they have offered our company and without the slightest hesitation, I truly recommend their services to any person or company who is looking for service, quality and a great price.”

Endree Saade, Managing Director, Lemon Detox Diet P/L, NSW

Well as they say the proofs in the pudding and these people are super happy and
will be too… 

Switch to A NEW, more PROFITABLE way
 to handle YOUR Printing and Signage with a
Trusted and Respected Printing Service. A
Printing Service…

  • Where you’ll have no more hassles running everywhere chasing up jobs and you'll cut your courier costs at the same time.
  • Where you’ll discover that everything can be ordered with just one phone call, email or Fax AND You only have to deal with one printing company you know and trust, it's so simple, easy and convenient!

  • Where you don't need to pay twice to re-do artwork, or for any hidden costs for printing file conversions (large or small) if you work with us from beginning to end on any of your printing and signage jobs!
  • Where you need to explain your printing and signage needs to only one supplier because our systems are set up in such a way that we can quickly and easily handle any job, making sure your company logo, font, colour and layout will remain consistent…  giving off a professional image and subtly imprinting your brand on your customers' memory.
  • Where you are going to save yourself the stress of your file format not being compatible between different suppliers. Sometimes it will drive you crazy, because you don't know how each offset printing, signage or screen printing company operates, let alone having to cooperate with different suppliers to put a new project together!

The Best PART is you get the benefit of our vast experience and our use of the latest technology in the printing industry…

          For your company this can be your new reality…your new destiny. And it can
 begin right now by making a simple phone call.

How can I say this with such confidence?

         As the proud owner and director of Advance Printing & Signs for the last 12 years… and as a trusted member of the Printing Industries Association of Australia my mission has been to provide my clients with fast service and a variety of printing/signage services at a very competitive price.

        We don’t just sit back and take orders, we have a top-shelf advisory service that offers our clients valuable ideas to get the best possible returns on their printing costs. 

        As far as I’m aware, we’re the only company that not only  provides businesses with a second to none range of printing & signage products and services but also completely GUARANTEES (more on our guarantees later) the efficiency and reliability of their service… 

      So if you’re sick and tired of being let down by the way your printing and signage is handled.

Here Are 6 Compelling Reasons to Choose 
To Stay On Top Of ALL Your Printing &
Signage Requirements

Compelling Reason #1: A vast range of printing signage & promotional items is available from us, you need look no further!

     If you need different types of printing / signage, or promotional items like company uniforms, hats etc, instead of spreading your expenditure over different suppliers, why not concentrate your buying power by dealing with a one stop supplier like us. All of a sudden, you become a bigger account and enjoy a better rate. Take full advantage of your greater buying power.

      PLUS here are just some of the great Printing and Signage products you can            order from us…


Compelling Reason #2: More than just an ordinary printing company…            we give first hand advice and tips on marketing your company!

    You will be dealing with someone who knows marketing, and the differences between various media, whether it is a printing, signage or a promotional project, you're going to receive the right advice from us with an overall understanding of your marketing message requirements!

Compelling Reason #3:
Hot Tips & Updates on various kinds of printing & signage that will put your company on the front foot!

     As our valued client you’ll receive our monthly hot tips and updates, showing you how to take advantage of different types of printing, signage etc. You’ll discover what other smart businesses are doing, so you can maximise your printing and signage dollar!

Compelling Reason #4:
Loads of FREE Educational Materials on the Tricky subject of using a printing service… a real win / win!

You’ll automatically receive educational booklets to help you become a professional, educated printing purchaser so that you can take full control of the buying process. Make purchasing printing and signage painless and trouble free.

Compelling Reason #5:
Receive great savings on your printing and signage just for saying YES to us!

We’ll help you save lots of money with our various reward programs. You will be amazed at how much you can save when you come on board with us.

Put simply, we help you streamline your ordering system for all your printing, signage and promotional needs!

Compelling Reason #6: My incredible ‘Never Seen Before from any Printing Company Limited Time Offer that will actually make YOU money!!

       Can you believe this? You’d better glue your eyes to this                 page and pay very special attention because…this alone,                could be worth more than your entire investment .

          Be one of the first 27 people to come on board with us at ADVANCE PRINTING &  SIGNS and spend more than  $350 on our fabulous quality range of printing and signage products and you’ll receive a $100 cash back gift voucher for your first printing/signage job (valid for 3 months,only available to first time customers).

         Or be one of the first 27 people to come on board with us at ADVANCE PRINTING & SIGNS and spend more than $1,000 on our fabulous quality range of printing and signage products and you’ll receive a $250 cash back gift voucher for your first printing/signage job (valid for 3 months,only available to first time customers).

  PLUS in either case you’ll receive these fabulous FREE bonuses Valued At $256…

Free Bonus #1: “The 7 Costly Mistakes People Make When Choosing A Printing Service And How To Avoid Them”
valued at $47.

       This amazing jam-packed information booklet on Printing and Signage gives the essential tips you need, when choosing a printing service.ff

   You’ll discover…

  • How to make your printing experiences painless and trouble free (page 6).
  • Discover 5 big questions to ask before choosing a printer (page 3).
  • How education is the first step in making the right decisions about your printing requirements (page 1.)
  • How to schedule your printing and why it’s important (page 5).
  • The 5 insider secrets that help you to understand the basics of printing industry language  (page 7).
  • How to get a printer to provide you with the best possible service and attention (page 4).

And much more…

Not bad right? But that’s not all you get. Because I’m throwing in…

Free Bonus #2: “A Consumer awareness Guide valued at $57.

                                                              gh      This consumer awareness resource is designed to help you become a professional, educated printing purchaser who can take full control of the buying process. 

     We know our clients have many questions but are often too embarrassed or afraid to ask.

     Some are cautious about asking questions because they figure that if they appear to lack knowledge the printer will raise his prices.

     We’ve met professional buyers who didn’t know squat about printing but knew all the terminology. All this did of course was land them in more hot water.

     With this amazing FREE guide you’ll be on the front foot next time you talk to any printing company.  

Free Bonus #3: A Mystery Gift valued at $152.

        There isn’t really much you can say about a mystery gift except that’s exactly what it is…a mystery you’ll love???  pp

      I promise you... you won't be disappointed because this gift will be extremely valuable to you as my new and special client, I know you will return again and again once you see you’ve made the right choice in choosing us to do all your Printing and Signage work! 

     That’s a great bundle of information and FREE Bonuses isn’t it?  Pretty good for spending a mere $350 + on our top quality printing and signage products BUT WAIT, I haven’t finished yet, because if you spend more than  $1,000 you’ll also receive even more incredible FREE Bonuses…

Free Bonus #4: A FREE Sample of our Printing valued at $99.

        With this brilliant gift we’ll gather your information and send you a range of full colour personalized stationery.  You’ll receive your very own personalized stationery pad, things-to-do pad and phone message pad.

        You'll receive 5 of your very own personalised stationery pads, 5 'things-to-do' personalised planners and 5 phone message pads. Each pad contains 50 sheets, for a grand total of 750 personalised pages.

        But thats not all, the good news is,  I have another gift for you.

Free Bonus #5: A "Beijing 2008 Olympic Games" executive pen    valued at $48.
         With the recent holding of the Beijing Olympics, what better way to remember the greatest sporting event known to mankind than with a specially designed executive pen.

       You’ll be totally bowled over when you see with your own eyes these attractive silver or metallic blue pens.

       Each collectible pen comes in an eye-catching case that displays an anti-counterfeiting label for this 2008 Olympic Games Officially Licensed Product.

        These fantastic pens are in limited supply and will in years to come, be a definite collector’s item so don’t miss this one!

        And yes it’s yours FREE when you spend $1,000+ at ADVANCE PRINTING & SIGNS.

        So let’s look again in detail at what you get when you order from our vast range of printing and signage products and services. Here’s what you get…


It Gets Better Still,
Your Satisfaction Is Completely

Compelling Reason #7: My Complete No Risks, Iron Clad, 100%     Guarantee! My Unconditional Guarantee Completely Covers Any         Printing Job We Do For YOU!

Here’s how…

Outrageous Rock Solid No Risks Guarantee!

Quite simply, my 100% unconditional GUARANTEE completely covers any printing job we do for YOU.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your Printing and Signage due to lack of quality or service we will reprint your order at no extra cost to you.

You decide what you want!

That goes to show how fully confident we are in our ability to provide Top Quality, Competitive Prices, and Fast Service with all of our products and services.

So if you are not happy for any reason you can still get a no risks cover on any work we do AND you can keep all the free bonuses in this limited offer. 

Have you ever been made such an irresistible offer? It’s all so easy for you to get started

    Why are we making this unbelievable offer? You may ask.

     Well, Advance Printing & Signs have been offering the most comprehensive one stop printing and signage service to local businesses for over 11 years. We understand that to thrive in today's business climate, we must make you an offer you can't refuse. 

     If you get unbelievable value from us, and are happy with our work, you'll tell others who will come to use our services too.  We all win this way.

If you want to get in on this rare opportunity YOU

          To get all the FREE Bonuses and Gifts you must be one of the first 27 people to order. You can’t afford to wait. You need to take immediate action by doing one of the following: 

  1. Fax your job description to us on (02) 9479 7587. We accept orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  2. Send an email through our Contact us with all your details

  3. Ring during business hours (02) 9749 1966

  4. Come to our office to place your order or post it to 38 Railway St, Lidcombe NSW 2141

       But as you know there’s no need to wait. No need for trial and error. No need to guess whatsoever. Everything I believe you could possibly need to improve the IMAGE and PROFFESIONALISM of your company is available at ADVANCE PRINTING & SIGNS. I urge you to order NOW. In just days you'll begin to see what a difference this will make to your business.

Yours Sincerely


Director, CEO
Advance Printing & Signs. 

P.S. Remember with any Printing and Signage Products and Services you order from ADVANCE PRINTING SIGNS you’re covered by my OUTRAGEOUS ROCK SOLID NO RISKS GUARANTEE where you get complete cover if you are not happy with all your printing and signage and still get to keep the massive FREE bonuses valued at up to $403.

So please don’t pass this one up.

Don’t waste this opportunity. It may never be repeated. Call now on 02 9749 1966 and secure your printing package. I can’t wait to welcome you on board.

P.P.S. Also don’t forget there are massive FREE bonuses and gifts if you are one of the first 27 people, gifts valued at up to $403.

Finished With Excellent Workmanship & Top Grade Materials!

        “I was almost overwhelmed with what I saw when I picked up my  shop front signs. I knew the result would be good but not THAT good. Everything turned out so bright, crystal clear and sharp.

         The digital printing shop front board and window poster were  mounted perfectly: the light box signage was finished with excellent  workmanship and top grade materials.

        I recommended Advance Printing & Signs straight away to my  sister who is setting up a new business and I took a bundle of their  business cards to give to anyone who asks me where I got my sign  done. I know there will be many ask me this question.”
                Tony Turong, Florist, Darling Buds of Annadale, Sydney.