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How To Get A 2-Colour Letterhead Effect For Just A Little

More Than The Price Of 1-Colour.

No one disputes the effectiveness of colour letterhead printing, but some avoid the use of colours because of the cost.

They think of colour separations and higher art charges. As well as the colour matching and other details necessary for a good colour job. But there are a couple of different ways that you can get the two-colour effect without the high cost.

One way is colour-on-colour. The use of a single coloured ink on a coloured stock. Today, with practically all types of paper available in a wide range of colours, there is little reason for not taking advantage of “two colours for the price of one.” Certainly a letterhead printed in burgundy ink on a rich gray stock, with envelopes to match, is more attractive than black on white. A definite stand-out from the rest of the mail.

The second way is the use of a screened image such as a logo in the background. You can use your logo or another well recognized image and place it in the middle or corner of the page to add a new focal point to the piece. It also adds more depth and dimension. Just pay a little extra for the design and the use of a metal plate. After that, you will pay the same price as one colour.

Both techniques offer a two-colour appearance for just a little more than the price of one colour. We're sure you will agree that a printed piece in this two colour effect will receive greater attention than black ink on white paper. That simple letterhead printed in brilliant blue on a complementary colour would be very attractive.

Please use these two simple economical ways to add impact to any printed piece.

These techniques for your letterhead can also be used for envelope printing.

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