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How To Create Professional Looking Letterhead Printing

To Make You Stand Out From Your Competitors.

Your letterhead is the centre piece of your corporate identity. It creates credibility and respectability for the business it represents. Because it is used to present that most important one-on-one communication, it could be your first introduction to a potential client or business, ensure your letterhead looks its best to compete with other businesses.

Here are a few tips for creating the right letterhead for your business:

Maximise the use of your letterhead
To maximise the use of your letterhead, make sure it can be used as a cost effective way of printing your Quotations, Invoices , covers or letters on your desktop laser printer.

Proper use of your letterhead for fax purposes
If the letterhead will be used for fax purposes, make sure there is enough writing space between the header and footer for printing 'Fax Transmission' and other fax details. Do a fax test before printing to make sure everything is legible and will not give a negative effect because of the watermark, pictures or colours used in the letterhead design.

Ways to enhance the finish of your letterhead printing
Using a bleed or watermark in your letterhead design will give a more professional appearance. Having special finishes like embossing or foil on your

letterhead can create a spectacular impression, but will add to the cost of the completed project.

Consider a second page letterhead
You can order matching blank letterhead paper as the second sheet letterhead if your letters have the tendency to be more than 1 page. You can design a second sheet letterhead (also known as a Follower) not containing all the elements of the company’s letterhead to make your organization look more professional.

Selection of paper
Do you want to use a coloured paper rather than plain white for your letterhead? Do you want to use a heavier paper? Using the same or similar paper for envelopes and letterheads can help you develop a successful corporate identity. Always test the paper on a laser printer to confirm the paper’s compatibility. Also a smooth paper for your letterhead will give you more even print in your laser printers. Take into consideration the location of the folds, check the folding characteristics of the paper if most letterheads are to be folded and inserted into an envelope.

Have all important information included
When designing your letterhead, make sure you have included all important information such as: company logo and slogan, company summary or brief product listing, membership of professional bodies( institutes etc), telephone number, fax number, office address, postal address, email address, website address, name and title if appropriate etc.

Proof read, proof read, proof read!
Check your design for accuracy before it gets printed. Save time, money and frustration with careful double checking. Make sure you have included these Ten Essential Elements For Your Letterhead Printing

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