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Ten Essential Elements For Your Newsletter Printing

p>Sending out a custom printed newsletter is a great way to keep both employees and customers involved in your company. Whether you have big growth to announce, events to promote, or new products to introduce, newsletter printing is a great way to do it. Depending on the size of your newsletter, you can add value by included related (but not necessarily sales-oriented) information and articles.

There are certain basics your newsletter printing needs, to survive and succeed.

1. A nameplate. This is a fancy name for title and date of publication. Try to brainstorm a title that's more creative than "Newsletter" or "Bulletin" or "Update". Invite your customers or employees to suggest names for your newsletter to help generate excitement about your publication. You can include graphics or a company logo here, plus a slogan (if your newsletter has one) and publication information.

2. The masthead. This is where you acknowledge the people who made your newsletter printing possible. Usually found on page two, it includes the publisher, contributors, and contact information.

3. The running headline. You can place your newsletter's name on every page or every other page within the newsletter. This is also a good place to incorporate the page number in your newsletter printing.

4. Content. This is your articles, headlines, and kickers. Every article should have a beginning, a middle, and an end; make sure your content is well-written and checked for spelling and grammar. Each article should have a headline, and may have a kicker. The kicker is a short phrase that serves as an introduction or description of a regular column.

5. Bylines. Unless you are writing the entire newsletter yourself, it is nice to credit your writers with a byline. This may appear at the beginning of the article or at the end of the article. You may also want to include a brief, related biography: John Smith is the Director of Sales for My Company and is a regular contributor to The Newsletter.

6. End signs. These tell your readers that the article is complete. Look at any custom printed newsletter or magazine you have laying around; you'll see a little graphic element signifying the end of an article.

7. A table of contents. You don't have to go crazy with this, but a brief table of contents on the front page helps your readers quickly and easily find the things that are most important to them. Readability and ease of finding information are key in newsletter printing!

8. Photos and illustrations. You should try to include a caption with every photo or illustration to explain what it is you are showing. If you'll be taking your own pictures for the newsletter, make sure to take several so you have a variety to choose from. Try to include at least one picture per page to make the newsletter more readable.

9. A consistent design. Your newsletter needs to look basically the same every time it comes out -- it will help your readers recognize it and learn to look forward to it! The table of contents, masthead, and other regular elements (like regular columns) should always appear in the same place. Choose a simple format and stick with it.

10. White space. You don't have to fill every single inch of your newsletter printing with words and pictures. Too much can be overwhelming! A little white space will make your newsletter printing much easier on the eyes.

Think that's all there is to putting together a newsletter? There can be so much more! To read more about the latest updates in newsletter printing click here.

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