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How To Make A Big Impression With

Large Format Printing

Need to make a big impression to get everyone's attention? Then large format printing is for you! With today's digital technology, we can print any size up to a huge 3.2 metres wide with unlimited length. Large format printing offers outstanding image quality, fast turnaround, the ability to print on a wide variety of materials which are great for both indoor and outdoor use, affordable price and print on demand. It has virtually endless applications:

* exhibits & event displays
* promotions
*point-of-purchase & retail signs
*party banners
*indoor & outdoor lightboxes
*backlit applications
*photo enlargements
*art reproductions
*information sheet
* training flip charts
*giant cheques...etc.
Here are some tips to get the most from your large format printing:

Take full advantage
Signage used to be text only, but now with the new printing technologies available, letters and graphics combine to create a more striking and attention grabbing effect to help your message stand out. Size range is much greater now. This printing process is much more cost effective when ordering low volumes,i.e. 1-50 without spending a lot of money for mass production. Another big advantage of large format printing is that those same printed digital images can be reproduced in almost any size to suit many different purposes.

Go big
The rule is that the bigger the ad is the more it can reach out to people. Size does matters. With the correct message and right design to convey your message effectively, the use of huge posters is an awesome marketing strategy.

Supply artwork with special fonts used and original images
When supplying artwork, if special fonts are used, supply font files or convert fonts to outlines/curves to avoid missing font problems when loading your file into our computer system. Supply original images whenever possible. especially for images embedded in programs such as a word process program, which may cause difficulty in enlarging your graphics.

Scan graphics at the right resolution
We recommend 100 dpi in your scanned images final print size for best results. It will take longer or cause printing problems if you scan images at a higher than necessary resolution as your printed file size will be too big, which extends print times with little improvement in print quality.

Design your project like a professional
Define black as C=10 M=10 Y=10 k=100 when creating your printed file in CMYK mode, to avoid banding in areas of solid black colour, when using large format printing. For detailed tips on designing effective posters, please click here.

Use the right ink for the job
You can request UV resistant ink if your printed piece/s will be displayed in direct sunlight, high humidity or tough weather conditions. These UV inks will not fade in the sun and are water resistant , they offer outdoor image durability without lamination thus creating a very durable product for both indoor and outdoor applications without the additional cost of lamination.

Choose the right coating to avoid reflection
Use matte finish papers and laminations to minimize reflection from your graphics if they will be displayed under harsh lighting conditions.

Pick the right finish options
Large posters are enhanced with framing, gloss/matt lamination or mounting onto different board types such as PVC, acrylic, coreflute, fibreboard or foamcore board, for an improved appearance and added durability. Lamination can also protect your large format print from dust, scratches, fingerprints and water.

Having an exhibition, trade show or conference?
Getting the most from your banner stands, exhibits, and displays,, take advantage of all these kinds of display systems: gain an edge with pull-up retractable banner stands, pop-up display systems and modular exhibition stands. These widely used display systems will make your company look very professional no matter where you go.

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