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Ten Essential Elements For Your Invitation Printing

Invitation Printing, Planning a party? Celebrating a birth or anniversary? Custom printed invitations can save you a lot of time in spreading the word and getting the details out to your guests. You have a lot of freedom to be creative with fonts, colours, paper styles, and message -- but there are certain elements you need to include in your invitation printing.

1. Time, date, place, and all the important party details. The invitation has to be informational first and creative second. And there isn’t much point in an invitation that doesn’t mention the date and location of the party! Be one hundred percent sure about your date, time, and location before you order. Don’t forget the directions, especially for out-of-town guests.

2. RSVP information. If you want to know who’s coming, you’ll need to give your guests a way to respond to your invitation. Make sure to include your phone number or email address (or both) at the bottom of the invitation. A RSVP date will help ensure that you hear from your guests in plenty of time.

3. Type of paper. Your invitation printing company will have a wide selection of papers to choose from, but there are a few popular ones. The top three for invitation printing are: 65# cover stock, 90# index card stock, and vellum Bristol stock (which can be between 60# and 70#).

4. Colour. Coloured ink can coordinate with the invitation printing and envelope printing; you can even match your invitation colours to your party’s theme colours! Black is a traditional and elegant choice for invitation printing, but you’ve got nearly the entire rainbow to choose from. If you are using lined envelopes for your invitations, you may want to coordinate your ink colour with your liner colour.

5. A printing process. The two most popular methods for invitation printing are thermography and engraving. Thermography uses a flexible printing plate on a cylinder that can produce printed images in mass quantities at an affordable price. Engraving is a more expensive process that etches the type into heavy cotton paper.

6. A readable font. If your guests have a hard time reading the invitation, what’s the point of sending one? They’ll all be calling you for an interpretation. Your invitation printing company will have samples of fonts to show you.

7. An eagle eye for proofreading. Before your invitations go to print, you’ll receive a proof to review. Check the text for spelling errors and make sure the date and time are correct. Two proofreaders are better than one; ask a friend or family member to look over the invitation before sending it to print.

8. Envelopes. The outside is just as important as the inside, and you want to make sure your invitations will fit in a standard sized envelope!

9. The guest list. Your guests will appreciate a few weeks of lead time -- four to six weeks is great; two weeks is probably the minimum. The more time you give your guests, the more chance they have of clearing their calendars.

10. Extra invitations, but especially extra envelopes. As a general rule of thumb, order twenty-five percent more than you think you actually need. Yes, leftovers can be wasteful, but it’s better to have a few extras than to have to place a reorder later. You may think of people you forgot on the first version of the guest list, or spell someone’s name wrong on the envelope.

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