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Full Colour Brochure Printing, How To Create Brochures

That Will Promote Your Business Effectively,

And Increase Customer Response Rates.

Brochures are great advertising tools to build an image for your company, showcase your products, list real estate, promote an event, etc.

Brochures are normally printed in full colour, either single or double sided. Most businesses choose either gloss or matt coated paper to have that vividness of colours and crisp texts for their brochure, it gives the reader a powerful first impression that the brochure is expensively made and processed, thus bolstering your company’s image and increasing customer response rates.

What size brochure should I use when looking at Full Colour Brochure Printing?
Brochures typically come in three most popular standard sizes, A3 size (297 x 420mm), A4 size (210 x 297mm) and A5 size (148.5 x 210mm).Deciding on the size and style of your brochure must be well thought out. Usually the design concept begins with the amount of information that needs to be displayed, and the desirable result your brochure needs to achieve. An A3 size brochure is usually folded in half as a 4 page catalogue. An unfolded A4 is often used for product sheet, or tri-folded to create a 6 panel company brochure. An A4 brochure can be folded in half to be used as an economical, mini product catalogue......

Here are some often neglected points to be considered before you can create a well made brochure that will effectively promote your business:

Do proper research
Thoroughly research your product and market, you can not design a brochure effectively without doing your research.

Define your ideal customers or readers
Every product with a market has a perfect customer. then who is your ideal customer? If you don’t know any of this information, get on the phone and ask your prospects and customers.

Define the purpose of your brochure
Are you introducing your company to prospects and target groups, or communicating with people who know about your business and products? Will it have a long life or limited use?

Get your message out loud and clear
When your market is crowded with competitors, how do you get your message to stand out amongst all the ‘noise’ out there? What 's the unique advantage of your business over your competitors?

Have a powerful, benefit filled headline
The headline accounts for up to 80% of the success of any marketing message. It’s the single most important component to attract the prospect’s attention.

Provide enough information with the right format
Give enough facts, tell prospects everything they need to know. Don't be afraid of long copy but the design needs to provide lots of white space. Lots of white space gives the eye the ability to jump into the text and scan through the text very easily, which will keep people involved in your message. Determine the size of your project carefully to be sure your brochure doesn't look too busy.

A good picture is worth a thousand words
All photos and graphics must contribute to your marketing message. Select pictures that can describe your business better than words. Also make sure you always caption photographs to increase the impact of your message.

Strategies to increase customer response
Guarantee customers satisfaction, erase all risk from the customers; Make it simple for your customers to deal with you; Offer incentives, create an irresistible offer; Give specific instructions on what action you want the reader to take. All these strategies will increase your customer response rate.

Design your brochure professionally
Brochure design takes skill and creativity to outshine the competition, so you may want to call our graphic design section to learn some common design tips on (02) 9749 1966, or to use your printing company's professional designer to create a first-class piece. A good tip to remember is that your brochure's artwork can be used for a newspaper advertisement. You can even print matching posters to further reinforce your promotion.

Deal with a resourceful printer
Make sure you place your order with a knowledgeable and experienced commercial printer who can offer compelling graphic design, optimum printing quality, fast printing turnaround and competitive prices. Learn more tips now on How to find a great printing services company for your full Colour brochure printing !

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