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How To Obtain Excellent Quality Full Color Printing To Help
You Achieve Success In Business

Studies have shown that the use of full color instead of black and white can increase readership and create a whopping 60% increase in message retention. Almost any printed piece will have greater impact with color.

Why is the printed color not exactly the same as what you see on the computer screen?

Full color printing is done using four colors of ink called CMYK. C is Cyan(blue), M is Magenta(red), Y is Yellow and K is Black. By contrast, computer monitors use a different color model called RGB. R is Red, G is Green and B is Blue. Because of this different color model, what you see on the computer screen will be similar to what will be printed by a high quality printing press, but hardly ever match exactly. To get a closer match your monitor needs to be periodically and accurately color calibrated.

How to get an exact color match
If you print a sample color printout on your inkjet or laser printer, there may be some variation from your printer to the offset printing presses. When an exact color match is essential, you can use color books to find thousands of specially mixed inks called pantone colors and get an exact match. One drawback though is that even the full color process cannot produce metallic or very bright colors, but you can pay extra to have these colors printed when an exact match needs to be produced every time.

Color printing also requires proofing prior to printing to ensure that everything is correct according to your requirements and the color is accurate. You can receive an online proof, or request a hard copy. Press proofing is also a common practice to enable the client or designer to be present during press runs to approve all colors.

How to get the most out of color printing

Forget about all those do it yourself tips with the use of so-and-so equipment, running hundreds of sheets through your laser/inkjet color printer could mean hours wasted with ruined print. Get impressive professional printing in full living color to make that critical first impression a good one! For color printing, a coated (either gloss or matt) paper stock is best to make your color photographs, images and graphics brighter and more appealing.

By using 'full color printing' business cards' , brochures, catalogues etc. to effectively promote your business, you can stand head and shoulders above your competitors.

A good printer can help you get exactly what you're looking for while lowering your costs. But above all, find a good printing company that offers a strong guarantee – if you are not satisfied with the quality because of poor workmanship, they will reprint your job at no charge or refund your money!

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