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All About Four Colour Printing

Four colour process printing is the most common system used for producing full colour images. Most magazines, books, and other materials using full colour pictures are printed using four-colour process printing. Three colours used to be enough -- a printer can create a lot of different colours using just cyan, magenta, and yellow. However, adding black to the mix helps make the shadow areas more distinct. It also reduces the amount of coloured ink you need to use.

Four different colours -- cyan (blue), magenta (red), yellow, and black -- can be combined in different ways to create a wide range of colours. Think of the colour wheel you studied in art class -- yellow and blue together make green; red and yellow together make orange. These printing inks are translucent, and can be layered over each other in different proportions. Artwork and colour originals are separated into the four colours digitally; originally, filters were used to create the four printing plates.

Certain colours are available as special inks because they do not have a close equivalent in the four colour process. Sometimes, using a fifth printing plate can create a unique colour; even six or eight plates can be used in a single print run to make an elaborate effect or difficult to match colour.

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