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Getting The Most From Your Direct Mail Service.

A direct mail campaign is an easy and affordable way to increase your business. Whether you want to schedule more appointments, sell more products, or expand your company all over, a direct mail campaign is a great way to do it.

Getting The Most From Your Direct Mail Services

Once you’ve got the basics -- a mailing list, a call to action, and an incentive -- you’re ready to get creative. The best direct mail pieces are creative and interesting; if people don’t want to open your envelope, they’ll never see your message! Here are some tips to help your direct mail piece stand out and get noticed.

• Make your direct mail piece an unusual size, shape, or colour. An unusual mailing will stand out from the stack of bills and other correspondence in the mailbox. Things that look different often get opened first.

• Don’t send a letter, send a thing. A hula hoop that says “we’ll jump through hoops for you!” A calendar marked with tax deadlines and an accountant’s phone number. This is where your promotional items can really make a difference. It’s very hard to ignore a package with your name on it! Use the item to create a strong metaphor for your message.

• Build the mystery. Send a series of mailings designed to intrigue your readers. People love a mystery, and will start to look forward to the next clue to your identity.

• Be consistent. People get a lot of direct mail pieces every week. Repeating your message will help your company get noticed and get remembered.

• Follow up on your mailing. If you have a special offer that expires on a certain date, a quick postcard follow up can remind prospective clients to place their orders. If you are sending your direct mail piece in order to start a B2B campaign, it doesn’t hurt to follow up with a phone call or email. The personal touch will be appreciated and remembered.

You also have the option of using a direct mail service to take care of everything for you from start to finish. A direct mail service may be able to:

• Provide a targeted mailing list.

• Design a direct mail piece that is eye-catching.

• Help create an effective call to action.

• Presort your direct mailing piece.

• Stuff envelopes.

• Label and/or address direct mail pieces.

• Obtain postage discounts.

• Perform a smaller test mailing to gauge success before mailing to a wider audience.

• Track responses.

When choosing a direct mail service, there are a few things to consider. Experience goes a long way in the direct mail business -- a company that has been in business for decades may be able to offer the biggest discounts simply because they have the most contacts. Don’t just choose a direct mail service with the lowest price; ask for a tour of the facilities and watch the staff in action. Ask for references and try to talk to clients in similar businesses to get an idea of how their mailings turned out.

Whether you use a direct mail service or handle the tasks yourself, be realistic in your expectations. Only a small percentage of direct mail pieces generate a response or a sale. The more you send out, the more responses you’ll get! If your direct mail piece is creative and personal, your customers will remember you positively for future purchases.

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