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Design Tips For Microsoft Users

If you are using a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) design program, the following tips and tricks might come in handy.

Design Tips For Microsoft Users

* Be sure to work in CMYK colour space, rather than RGB. If you start working in the same colours your printing professional is using, you'll save yourself the unwanted surprise of mismatched colours.

* Not planning to use a standard page size? You can go to File>Page Setup and create a custom publication size for your project. You can also change the page orientation if you need to.

* You can group elements in your layout to lock them together in their relative positions -- in case you need to duplicate or move the elements together and don't want to lose your formatting. Use CTRL+SHIFT+G to group highlighted elements together.

* Make sure spacing and alignment are uniform throughout your project, for maximum readability.

* Always print a hard copy -- things will look different on the printed page from how they look on the screen. A hard copy gives you an extra chance to check for spelling errors, grammar problems, and other things you may want to correct, before sharing a file with your printing professional.

You can make things a little easier on yourself if you are familiar with common keyboard shortcuts. They can save you time and wrist motion on your most frequently used actions.

* CTRL+B for bold text.

* CTRL+U for underlined text.

* CTRL+I for italic text.

* CTRL+SHIFT+K for small capital letters.

* CTRL+SPACEBAR removes all formatting from highlighted text.

* CTRL+SHIFT+F access the font menu.

* CTRL+SHIFT+> increases font size by half a point.

* CTRL+SHIFT+< decreases font size by half a point.

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