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Getting The Most Benefit From Custom Ticket Printing

What can you do with custom ticket printing? The possibilities are limitless! Custom ticket printing is your opportunity to give your event an extra-professional look -- and give your attendees a reason to keep that ticket as a souvenir.

• You can make your next community theatre performance look and feel like a Broadway extravaganza! Custom printed tickets will be a great souvenir for everyone who comes to see your show. Match your tickets, programs, and marketing materials for a professional presentation.

• Print up tickets for your next charity softball game. Event sponsors will appreciate the extra publicity that comes from an extra mention on a professional looking ticket.

• Order professional looking ticket printing for your school’s championship game. Not only does ticket printing provide everyone with a GREAT souvenir, the extra excitement will generate school spirit and support for your team.

• Make a school dance more glamorous with custom ticket printing. And a custom printed ticket makes a great reminder of that first dance… or that first kiss.

• Switch a boring, traditional invitation for a custom printed ticket. A conference, banquet, or business meeting might just feel a little more exciting with a unique printed ticket. And once again, with ticket printing you’ve got a great memento for participants to hang onto after the event is over.

• Hotels, resorts, spas, and convention centres have many opportunities to present a unified brand with ticket printing. From valet parking on arrival to pool passes, coat check, and admission to special events, you can add your logo to everything. Your brand will always be in your customer’s line of sight.

• Working with a bar or nightclub? The possibilities for using custom printed tickets are almost endless. Admission tickets… coat check… drink tickets… VIP area passes… so many opportunities to promote your establishment, your upcoming events, and your house specialties. You can offset the cost of ticket printing by offering advertising space on the back -- a local cab company may jump at the chance to put their phone number in front of customers at a nightclub who may not be able to drive themselves home.

• Using tickets for your fair or festival? Print a list of the day’s special events on the back so your customers have a handy and portable schedule.

Whatever you are using your tickets for, be sure to use the back of your printed ticket as more than just blank space! A corporate event sponsor can use the space for advertising. A small theatre company can use the back of a ticket to promote future productions. Put your website or phone number out there; custom ticket printing gives your customers a reason to keep that ticket as a memento. That means they’re also keeping your company name, phone number, and website handy!

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