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Ten Essential Elements For Your Custom Printing Sticker, Hot Tips Reveled For The First Time...

There’s just something about a custom printing sticker that people love, and you will love the results stickers can bring to your business! Handing out stickers creates a mobile advertising force for your company, as long as your stickers have these ten essential elements!

1. Your business name and/or slogan. No promotional item will do a bit of good unless it is promoting your business! You might not have the room on the sticker to include your address and phone number, so you need to make sure your name sticks in your customers' heads. If they can remember your name, they can find you in the phone book or online. Make sure your name is on the front AND back of your sticker!

2. Catchy copy. You don’t have much space in your sticker printing, so the text you use has to be short and sweet. Maybe you want to use your custom printing sticker to promote a specific product or service, rather than your whole business. Give your sticker one focus; don’t try to cram your entire inventory onto one tiny square sticker.

3. Visibility. Your sticker needs to look good and be readable from two feet away when you hand it out, but it also needs to look good and be readable from ten or twenty feet away when it is on a speaker, book cover, helmet, or wherever your customer sticks it! Cramming too much into your custom printing sticker will make it hard for other drivers to read.

4. Colour. Make sure the colour you choose makes it easy to read your sticker from a distance. If you want to use a lighter colour for your lettering, you’ll need a second (darker) colour to outline the letters for visibility. The more colours you use, the more expensive your sticker printing will be, so find a balance between your creativity and your budget.

5. Shape. Rectangular is traditional, but think outside that box! An oval or circular sticker has more visual appeal than that boring old rectangle. You may also want to spend the extra money on die-cutting custom shapes to really stand out. All the attention you get will be worth the price of sticker printing.

6. Create a relationship with your target audience. Your copy needs to strike a chord with your customers -- if they don’t want to display your custom printing sticker, you’ve wasted your money. A good looking sticker with a strong message will attract attention from the kind of consumer you are looking for.

7. Quality. If your custom printing sticker is going to fall apart in a few months, don’t waste your money. A ragged, weathered, peeling sticker isn’t going to impress anybody. You can learn more here about custom printing stickers for outdoors...Weatherproof Stickers and Labels.

8. Watch the glue. There are different types of adhesive available. An adhesive that isn’t strong enough will have your stickers dropping off; an adhesive that’s too strong will leave icky sticky residue if your customers ever try to remove them.

9. Try building the mystery. Can you think of one sticker design that you've seen everywhere? What about those little oval stickers with initials inside? Did they have you wondering what they meant? Originally, the letters referred to airport codes. Wouldn’t you love to see stickers all over town with your business initials on them? Just make sure you’ve got the business name on there somewhere, too.

10. Use the reverse side. Last, but definitely not least: don’t waste all that space on the back of your sticker! Need to drive more customers to your business? Use the back of your custom printed stickers for a coupon, announcing a special event, or pointing out an upcoming sale. Want to build your customer database? Print a survey or an entry form on the back of your stickers and let your customers send them back to you. If you leave the back of your stickers blank, you are wasting 50% of your advertising space.

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