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How To Get The Most Benefit From

Christmas Card Printing

Sending custom printed Christmas and holiday cards, on behalf of your business, isn't just spreading the good cheer -- it is also an opportunity for some great marketing! These tips can help you share the spirit of the holidays… and the profits.Christmas card printing can help you keep your business in the minds of your customers, during the busy holiday season.

* Try not to offend anyone. Choosing a non-religious greeting like "Happy Holidays" or "Peace on Earth" spreads that holiday spirit to all.

* Stand out by skipping the Big C. Instead of sending a Christmas card, think about a custom printed New Year's card, with wishes for the coming year. Time your delivery for the week between Christmas and New Year’s and invite your customers to ring in the New Year with your great products or services.

* Pick a postcard. Postcards are usually the first things read in the day's mail -- all you have to do is flip it over. A custom printed holiday card brings instant cheer and instant attention to your business.

* Special shapes stand out. Are you a real estate agent? Pick a card in the shape of a house! You want the recipients to like your Christmas card printing enough to keep it out of the garbage can. If your holiday card is on display, your business is on display too!

* Make your invitation open ended. "We'd love to see you at our Holiday Open House, but if you can’t make it, feel free to stop by any time!” Christmas card printing is a good place to mention any special holiday hours, sale days, and other special events.

* Keep track of your response. If your holiday card or postcard doubles as a coupon or gift certificate, you can actually track the response to your mailing. The information will help you plan future marketing and promotions.

* Extend your holiday season. Let's say you hold an open house, and the Christmas or holiday postcards you mailed serve as the invitations. You now have a list of everyone who came out to your special event! Send them a thank-you note and keep your business and event in their thoughts even longer.

* Leave the business card out. You’ve got your business name on the card already. You’ve got your address on the card already. Including a business card in your Christmas card just ends up looking tacky.

* Handwriting gets noticed. If you have the time (and desire) -- include a personal, handwritten note and signature on your Christmas card printing. People will notice the difference. If you start preparing your cards early enough, you can write up just a few cards every day, rather than doing the whole bunch at once. A handwritten note, is a great way to recognize extra-special customers.

If your customer list is too big to be able to send a holiday greeting to everyone, here are some tips to help you trim your list:

* Target your most recent customers with your Christmas card printing. Your business will be fresh in their minds, and you can reinforce the impression with a holiday greeting.

* Target your most frequent customers with your Christmas card printing. They have demonstrated their loyalty to you; reward them with a special discount or an invitation to a special sale.

* Target the big spenders with your Christmas card printing. Your holiday greeting may just be the inspiration to come and spend more.

* Don’t forget the folks you haven’t heard from in a while. A personal invitation to a holiday sale may bring them back.

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