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Cheque Printing

Custom cheque printing does more than make your business look professional -- it also helps protect you against fraud!

Choosing The Right Cheque

There are many options when it comes to the physical cheque itself. At the simple end of the spectrum are cheques much like the ones you would get from your bank for a personal account. For your business, you may need a cheque that does more than transfer money.

* Multipart cheques can help you keep track of important information.

* Continuous cheques may be available in multiple sizes.

* A4 (8 1/2 by 11) laser cheques give you multiple cheques on each sheet for printing small batches of cheques.

* Self mailer cheques help cut down on paper waste since they do not require an envelope.

* Corporate cheque books provide the finishing touch -- your logo on the cheque book will reinforce your professional image.

Your printing professional may offer a variety of formats, including reels, pads, books, and packs.

Make sure that the cheques you choose are compatible with your accounting software! You may also need to make sure your cheques meet certain standards set by your bank or your local government. Ask your printing professional about the requirements, and if there is any question, check with your bank, too.

Cheque Printing Security Features

Identity fraud is all too common these days -- on a personal level and on a business level. Including certain security features in your cheque printing can help protect you against counterfeit printing and alteration attacks. Talk to your printing professional about your security options, which can include:

* Special inks, like UV inks, thermo inks, fugitive inks, and solvent sensitive inks to prevent cheque alteration and counterfeiting.

* Security numbering like El3B, OCR A and B, MICR, and bar coding.

* Watermarks, refractive foils, and holograms to protect your cheques against counterfeit printing. Holograms are thought to be one of the best visible deterrents against counterfeiting.

* Microtext that is difficult to accurately copy or scan.

* Background patterns make your cheques hard to accurately copy or scan. Many printers offer stock backgrounds and an option to use your business logo in a completely original background design.

Getting The Most From Your Cheque Printing

Do your cheques only have to be cheques? Not necessarily. The same security features that protect your financial transactions can protect a gift certificate or voucher. Professionally printed gift cheques will make a great impression on both the gift giver and the recipient!

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