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Ten Essential Elements For Your Business Letterhead

Despite the ease of e-mail, your first impression is often your business letterhead. Your letterhead and other parts of your stationery package express the identity of your business. The message goes far beyond just the words you choose; business letterhead and other related stationery items become the building blocks of your company image.

1. Your name
This one’s a no-brainer, right? The main goal of your letterhead printing is to clearly and immediately identify the company and person this piece of mail is coming from.

2. What kind of business is it?
What products or services do you offer? If this information isn’t clear from the company name, you may need a tagline or slogan to clarify it. This can help you stand out from competitors in the same field.

3. Contact information
Another no-brainer, right? Your letterhead printing should include your mailing address, phone number, fax number, website, and other essential contact information. It must be easy for your clients to find the information they need; chances are, a reader will look first at the top of the page and second at the bottom of the page for contact information. If your company is large, you may want to consider including contact information for each major department, or each major division. If your clients find it too hard to contact the person they want to contact, it may be easier to look to another company entirely.

4. Paper
You can choose from many different grades of paper. Letterhead printing typically uses bond paper; paper manufacturers recommend using a smooth paper stock made with cotton. Many paper manufacturers offer multiple colors and textures so you can personalize your stationery package.

5. Volume
How much custom printed letterhead will you need? How will it be used -- run through a laser printer, used in a photocopier, faxed, etc. Your printing budget will help determine the volume you can afford, among other things.

6. Colour
Colour is often the most noticeable feature of a design. If you have a company logo (or if you are designing one for the purpose of letterhead and other stationery items) you may want to represent it in colour. Your letterhead printing budget will help determine how much colour you can afford. In general, the more colors you use, the more expensive your business letterhead will be. Your printing professional can help you make the choice between multiple colours and the creative use of just one colour.

In fact, there are tricks you can use to create the appearance of a two-colour letterhead for just a little more than the price of one colour.

7. Font
Readability should be the main determining factor in the font you choose. An unreadable font can ruin your design and sabotage your business identity. There are lots of different fonts out there, so choose one for your business letterhead that combines the look you want with the readability you need.

8. A template
There are plenty of design programs and free business letterhead templates out there. Using a template makes your letterhead designing a lot easier -- the essential elements are already in place, you merely have to fill in the appropriate information. Using a letterhead template means different departments can have their own unique stationery all done in the same style and color scheme, helping to build your corporate identity.

9. A unified theme
Your business letterhead should match your envelopes, your business cards, and everything else in your stationery package. Your stationery package is where you build your company identity; if nothing matches, your identity will be in question.

10. An eye for proofreading
If you’ll be working with a professional printing company, be sure to get proofs of your letterhead before printing the whole batch. Check and re-check the text to make sure that everything is perfect. The wrong address or phone number on your custom printed letterhead is a waste of your money.

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