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70 Bright Ideas For The Back Of Your Business Cards

70 Things To Put On The Back of Your Business Cards

If you aren't printing SOMETHING on the back of your business cards, you are wasting half your space! But it isn't always easy to think of something good to put there. This list will get you started… or spark a great idea of your own!

It makes sense to put something business-related on the back of your business card:

1. A map to help customers find your store or office.
2. Written directions to your store or office.
3. Have more than one location? List all your branch addresses on the back of your card.
4. Reasons why they should visit your website.
5. Any free offers you have on your website -- a newsletter, free evaluation or consultation, etc.
6. Instructions on how to sign up for website freebies.
7. A space to write a reminder for a future appointment.
8. Lines for including notes. Remind the recipient of an upcoming appointment or just jot down a quick thank you.
9. A coupon for a free item or service.
10. A coupon for a discounted item or service.
11. Space to keep track of “buy ten get one free” offers.
12. Quotes from satisfied customers.
13. Quotes from reviews or interviews about your business.
14. A list of your services.
15. Description of a featured item or service -- whatever your business is best known for.
16. Information about a new offer or service.
17. How to request a free catalogue.
18. Your seminar or trade show schedule for the next year.
19. Your hours of operation.
20. A picture of your work -- like a house design if you are an architect or a piece of artwork if you are a painter.
21. Answers to frequently asked questions.
22. A list of employees/departments within your company.
23. Companies that are affiliated with yours.
24. Companies that offer related services.
25. Companies that offer a discount if the customer shows your business card.

You can also just put something useful or interesting on the back of your business card!

1. A gratuity calculator.
2. A list of weights and measures.
3. A really short story.
4. Emergency phone numbers for your town.
5. A three month, six month, or twelve month mini calendar.
6. A list of important dates for the year -- with space to fill in personal dates, like anniversaries and birthdays.
7. Toll free airline reservation numbers.
8. Toll free rental car company numbers.
9. Toll free numbers for mental health helplines.
10. Local area codes or dialing prefixes.
11. Area codes or dialing prefixes for major cities.
12. International dialing codes.
13. National or international time zone chart.
14. Zip codes or postal codes.
15. Phone numbers for local officials and services (like public works and utilities).
16. Phone numbers for taxi, shuttle, bus, and subway services.
17. Homework hotline numbers.
18. Commonly misspelled words.
19. Commonly misused words.
20. An acupressure or reflexology diagram.
21. CPR instructions.
22. Zodiac signs or Chinese zodiac signs.
23. Keyboard shortcuts for popular programs like Microsoft Word or Excel.
24. Ten books about your field.
25. Top ten fiction books for the last year.
26. Top ten movies for the last year.
27. Diet information, like the recommended daily servings of protein/grains/dairy/etc.
28. Calories burned during certain exercises.
29. Famous/inspirational quotes.
30. Quick and easy icebreakers for networking events.
31. Short (and clean) jokes.
32. Instructions on how to change a tyre.
33. Instructions on how to jumpstart a car.
34. Things to do if you are in a car accident.
35. Car care checklist.
36. Game schedule for a nearby professional sports team.
37. Game schedule for a local high school.
38. A quick and easy game like Tic-Tac-Toe.
39. Household safety tips.
40. Backyard safety tips.
41. Energy saving tips.
42. Stress relief tips.
43. The periodic table.
44. Ring sizes.
45. A ruler.

By implementing the ideas on this list, you can definitely "persuade" your potential clients to keep your contact details - your business cards. Now, learn how to create a Professional Looking Letterhead To Make You Stand Out From Your Competitors.

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