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Ten Essential Elements For Your Business Card Printing

Ten Essential Elements For Your Business Card Printing

If you are a minimalist, you can get away with just a few things on your custom printed business cards: your name, your company name and a way to contact you. But if you want your business cards to be saved and remembered -- and to be a source of new business -- you need these ten essential elements!

1. Your business name and/or logo
If your logo is highly recognizable (think of Apple Computer's apple) you should be sure to include it! Same goes if you want your logo to become highly recognizable: put it on everything. Using the same logo on everything you have printed helps your business become a recognizable and eventually familiar brand.

2. Your name
You don't HAVE to include your name in your business card printing, but it does give your business card a personal touch. This is also useful in very large companies -- it helps your potential client get in touch with you directly. You can also include your job title. Work alone? A title like “CEO” or “President” adds a touch of prestige. So what if you're also the envelope stuffer, coffee maker, and receptionist?

3. Mailing address
This one is a traditional part of business card printing. But if you do most of your business online, you can probably skip this one to save room for more important elements.

4. Phone number, fax number, mobile.
You do want your potential customers to be able to reach you, right? If you aren't available when they want to make an order, you may lose the business. Don't forget the area code, country code, and extension where applicable. Your business card printing experts will help you arrange all this information in the best way possible.

5. Web information
Email address and web page address. There are lots of people out there who would send an email or visit a website before they would call a person directly to ask a question. So why not include this information in your business card printing?

6. A tagline, slogan, or brief description
If your company has a catchy slogan that customers may recognize from other marketing materials, use it! If your company has a tagline that describes benefits, features, and services, use it! If your name is a little ambiguous, a brief description can help a potential customer figure out why they have this business card.

7. Graphics and decorative elements
You don't need these, but they can help your business card stand out from the pack. A graphic embellishment or box can highlight important information. Images can help explain what your company does. Your business card printing experts can help you pick the most appropriate graphics and decorative elements.

8. Essential services or products
Don't clutter up your business card with a long list of services, but if you have a particular specialty or best seller, you may want to mention it. Going with the Apple computers example, a custom printed business card could point out that a person specializes in iPod sales and service.

9. Quality
Use a good card stock and a high quality printing process. Do-it-yourself cards may save you money, but that's about all they do. They usually come out looking cheap, sloppy, and amateurish. If this is your first and only impression on a potential client, it won't be a good one. Make sure the printer you select is knowledgeable and professional; a poor printing job will ultimately reflect poorly on you and your business.

10. Give potential clients a reason to keep your card handy
Take advantage of the back of your card to keep your potential customers coming back again and again. A tip chart, emergency phone numbers, or a list of weights and measures can turn a business card into a handy addition to your client's wallet, bulletin board, or work space. Every time they use your card as a reference, they'll see your company name.

Here is a list of 70 great ideas for the reverse side, for your business cards printing.

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