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Get The Most Business From Your Business Card Printing...

How To Get The Most Business From Your Business Card Printing

In today’s electronic world, are business cards still necessary? YES! How are you going to send someone to your website or have them email you with an order if they don’t have your contact information in the first place? And unless you’re planning to hole up in your office and never meet anyone face to face ever again… you’re going to need custom printed business cards for those (all too frequent) times when you’ll be away from your computer.

So how do you make your business card printing stand out from the rest? Use these helpful hints to design the ultimate business card!

1. Make sure you are remembered! A sloppy or poorly designed business card will make sure you are remembered for all the wrong reasons. Your custom printed business card should make you look good.

2. Make sure your business card gets noticed. If your card is just a little different from every other card -- maybe it’s on glossy paper instead of matte, or is grey instead of ivory -- people will pay attention.

3. Make sure people keep your business card. The information on your business card has to be useful, or it’s going to end up in the garbage. Better yet, make your custom printed business card invaluable by printing something on the back -- maybe a tip chart if you are in the restaurant business or a shoe size conversion chart if you are in clothing sales. A yearly car care checklist would be a handy thing for the back of your card if you sell auto parts!

4. Don’t overcrowd your card. Printing professionals say the biggest complaint from people who receive business cards is the size of the text. Your font needs to be large enough for someone to read without their special reading glasses. The information needs to be easy to find. If your card is logically formatted and includes only the most important information, you are way ahead of the game.

5. Go easy on the eyes. Don’t change the font style five times, and don’t use more than two different font sizes. Trust your business card printing professional to help you pick out appropriate fonts for your cards.

6. Pay attention to detail Your printer gives you proofs for a reason! Check them over and make sure everything is right. Misspellings and cross-outs make people think you aren’t serious about your business.

7. Keep your information up to date. If your phone number, address, or email changes, it’s time for another order of custom printed business cards.

8. Take good care of your cards. Handing a potential customer a card that is torn, dirty, or dog-eared is a good way to not get their business. People do judge books by their covers, and businesses by their business cards.

9. Sing your own praises. Your custom printed business card is a miniature billboard for your company! If you have a slogan or tagline, you may want to include it. If you offer special services or have won special awards, you may want to let people know.

10. Give people a choice. If you have a phone number, email address, and web site, be sure to list them all. Some people like to check out a website before making a phone call; others like to talk to a live person right off the bat.

11. Include a call to action Give your potential customers some incentive to act quickly. You may want to include a coupon or promotional code on your business card printing, or invite your potential customer to sign up for a free newsletter or free consultation.

12. Get the most important thing out there. If you have the lowest prices in town, make sure it says that somewhere on your business card! If you have a special product, a unique service, or something nobody else has, be sure to feature that information.


Think like a customer. If you were looking for a particular service, what would catch your attention? Try to make it easy for the customer to find what they are looking for. An intuitive design will make your custom printed business card stand out from the rest.

14. The most important thing you can do with your business card is HAND IT OUT. A card that sits in your desk collecting dust doesn’t do you or your potential customers any good! Here is a list of the essentials for business card printing.

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