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Promo Items Printing

Wouldn't you love to have a volunteer sales force -- a large number of people advertising your business for free? With bumper sticker printing, you can put your satisfied customers to work for you!

So what does your bumper sticker printing need, to succeed?

1. Your business name and/or slogan. Any promotional item you can think of won't do a bit of good unless it is promoting your business! You probably won't have the room on your custom printed bumper stickers to include your address and phone number, so you need to make sure your name sticks in your customer's head. If they can remember your name, they can find you in the phone book or online.

2. Catchy copy. You don't have much space to spare with your bumper sticker printing, so the text you use has to be short and sweet. Maybe you want to use your bumper sticker printing to promote a specific product or service, rather than your whole business. Give your bumper sticker one focus.

3. Visibility. Your bumper sticker printing needs to look good and be readable from two feet away when you hand it out, but it also needs to look good and be readable from ten or twenty feet away when it is on the back of a customer's car! Cramming too much onto your custom printed bumper sticker will make it hard for other drivers to read. Trust your printing professional to help you with design and layout.

4. Create a relationship with your target audience. Your copy needs to strike a chord with your customers. Take, for example, the bumper stickers for a small fishing supply store, "I'd Rather Be Fishing! Reel Life Bait and Tackle ", Short and sweet , right in line with the sport fishing lifestyle.

5. Don't underestimate the coolness factor. Why would your customers want to put your bumper sticker on their cars? Your target audience will want to display a sticker that looks good or has a good slogan -- and your cool bumper sticker will attract attention from like-minded consumers.

6. Quality. If your custom printed bumper sticker is going to fall apart in a few months, don't waste your money. A ragged, weathered, peeling sticker isn't going to impress anybody.

7. Size. Sure, you can put more information on a bigger sticker, but is anybody really going to want to slap a gigantic sticker on their car? The big ones are fine for company vehicles, but keep the size realistic for your customers.

8. Shape. Rectangular is traditional, but think outside that box! An oval or circular sticker has more visual appeal than that boring old rectangle. You may also want to spend the extra money on die-cutting for custom shapes to really stand out.

9. Colour. Make sure the colour you choose is easy to read from a distance. If you want to use a lighter colour for your lettering, you'll need a second (darker) colour to outline the letters for greater visibility. And just because you are printing on white doesn't mean the background has to be white! Think in reverse for once: keep the lettering white and make the background coloured. A little creativity in your bumper sticker printing can go a long way.

10. Back copy. Last, but definitely not least: don't waste all that space on the back of your bumper sticker! Need to drive more customers to your business? Use the back of your bumper stickers for a coupon, announcing a special event, or pointing out an upcoming sale. Want to build your customer database? Print a survey or an entry form on the back of your bumper stickers( the peel off protective backing) and let your customers send them back to you.

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