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How To Get The Most Benefit From Your Promotional Calendar Printing.

Giving a custom printed calendar to your customers is a great way to keep your business in the public eye. It's the extras that will make the difference between a calendar printing that gets ignored and one that is used on a daily basis.

# Partner with other local businesses. Joining forces with other businesses in the area can help add value to your custom printed calendar and cut down on printing costs. Decide in advance how much of your calendar printing you want to offer -- a joint sponsorship, a single-month sponsorship, etc.

# Include coupons. Use the inside of the front or back cover for coupons for your customers. Not only will your calendar printing keep your business name in front of the customers, it gives them a reason to make a purchase.

# Pay attention to other local events. Including local events in your promotional calendar printing will make it that much more useful to your customers.

# Use your monthly calendar as a portfolio of your best work. Are you an architect? Show off your best house designs -- one for each month. An advice columnist could create a weekly planner with "best of" advice for each week of the year.

# Think about dividing the year. Instead of sending one custom printed calendar for all twelve months, divide the year into quarters and send calendars every three months! Maybe your clients would like a pocket-sized monthly calendar card to keep in their wallets and purses. Just be sure your new calendar arrives before the start of the month!

# Take advantage of the seasons. A garden supply store could send out a spring planting calendar. A farmer’s market or food store could include seasonal recipes. Keep the spirit of the season in mind and your calendar printing will always feel current. If your extras are useful enough, your clients will keep them long after the year is over.

# Make sure it survives the year. Print your calendar on heavy paper. Laminate it for extra protection. A year-long calendar that falls apart in March is a waste of your calendar printing budget!

# Make it a fundraiser! Partner up with a local charity and sell your calendar to raise funds. You get the benefit of extra publicity from the charity work AND the feeling of doing something good for your community.

# Go for uniqueness. Talk to your calendar printing professional about different options: size, style, and colour especially. The more your custom printed calendar stands out, the more likely your customer is to keep it and use it.

# Don't clutter it up. Leave space for your customers to fill in their own important dates and reminders! A calendar that is already filled in, won’t be much use to anyone.

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