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Airport Advertising

Airport advertising can be extremely profitable for your business -- some companies report as much as a billion exposures annually! These tips will help you and your printing professional, design effective signs for your airport advertising campaign.

1. Certain colours are used in informational signs, like yellow and black or green and white. These signs are easy to read and understand at a distance.

2. Be aware of yourviewer's moods. Travellers who are about to depart are often anxious and stressed, worrying about making their plane on time. Black letters on a yellow background are easy to identify and read. Travellers who are between flights are often more relaxed and have time to kill -- or time to look at signs. Those who have just arrived at their final destination are relieved but often tired. White letters on a green or blue background are easy to read and use soothing colours.

3. Think about changeable messages. Giant digital screens and other digital advertising are the hot new trend in airport advertising. Your message can change quickly and easily -- attracting attention while remaining easy to read.

4. Think about images rather than words. Advertising coffee? The image of a steaming cup may be more powerful than a long description.

5. Travellers spend the most time in the terminal areas -- especially with security checkpoints requesting that they arrive an hour or more before their flight. Beyond the security checkpoints, you can use colorful signs and graphics that will lure your potential customers away from the boredom of sitting at the gate waiting.

6. Think about jet bridge sponsorship -- your ad will be the last thing a traveller sees before boarding and the first thing they see on arrival at their destination.

7. Baggage carts can be advertising in motion!

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