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Getting The Most For Your Advertising Money

Advertising isn't easy. You have a lot of choices to make, and a lot of options available. But doing the same thing every year isn't going to get you new business. Everything changes, and that should include your advertising.

Things to think about:

* How have people responded to various advertising campaigns in the past? Some types of advertising -- like direct mail or a web campaign
-- are easier to track than others.

* How much did each campaign cost you, compared
to how much your company made as a result? (Also known as your return on investment, or ROI.)

* How many different types of media are you advertising in? Ideally, you want to expose your company across as many different types of media as you can.

A customer's ability to connect your name/company with a particular product or service is influenced by your advertising. A person may need to be exposed to your name and message several times before they ever walk into your store or visit your website. The broader your advertising is, the more chance you have that someone will see and remember your company.

Use common sense in your advertising. If you are a national company, don't just advertise locally. On the other hand, don't waste your money advertising your local company in a national magazine just because you can get a good deal.

One last tip: a fresh perspective can help inspire new ideas for your advertising. Talk to friends who aren't in the same industry you as. Ask for their thoughts and you might find yourself with an exciting new campaign you never would have come up with alone.

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