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Hot tips & Ideas Update, Vol-10 Issue #023
December 07, 2010

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Hot Tips Of The Week 8 Dec 2010
Volume 10, Issue 023
1. Note from David

2. Feature Article:
Colour and Image Terminology

3. Insight Of The Week

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Note From David

Hello ,

Time passes in the blink of an eye, we are now at the end of 2010!

What kind of year has it been for you so far? I trust it has been a year of exciting challenges and inspiration for all of our readers.

Personally, I have experienced a few missed goals and disappointments, but I'm grateful for the experience they've given me, the new skills I've learned, and the new opportunities I now see before me! I'm an optimist. Have you ever heard that: a pessimistic view of the world might be more accurate, but an optimistic view gives you a brighter outlook and a happier life. So I choose to be an optimist, and to see the beauty and blessings I've received this year.

Certainly I feel very positive now, and pumped for the coming 2011!

During the coming Christmas, New year holiday, I'll definitely take time to look back and reflect on this year, and plan for the year to come. I know for all of us, especially for me, it will be a year full of challenges, great opportunities and some surprises.

Well, this is the last issue of our e-zine for 2010, and after thinking long and hard about the feature article, I've decided to cover some of the most commonly used "Colour and Image Terminology", to serve as a gift for you to keep as a handy reference.

This is going to make communication easier, the next time we talk about your printing project.

Before I end my note, let me thank you all again for your continuing support, and wish you all a great holiday season and a prosperous and exciting new year... by the way, our first issue for 2011 will be sent on 02/02/2010.

Dedicated to your business success and profits.

David Ji

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Feature Article

Colour and Image Terminology

Your printing vocabulary isn't complete until you know how to talk color and picture. Here are some terms you might need to know.

* Color break/break for color: To separate the parts of a project that are to be printed in different colors. This separation is done mechanically or by software.

* Color correction: Methods for improving color separations

* Color filter: The filters used to separate colors into red, blue, and green.

* Color key: The proofs of each layer of color.

* Color matching system: A system of formulated ink colors.

* Color separations: The process of preparing artwork, photographs, or other parts of your project for printing -- separating the images into the four primary printing colors.

* Contrast: A color's tonal change from light to dark.

* Cyan: The blue color in the four standard process colors.

* Densitometer: A device that measures the density of printing ink, used in quality control.

* Density: The degree of color or darkness of an image.

* Dot: Printed pictures are made up of many dots, often too small for the eye to see.

* Dot gain/dot spread: The difference in the size of dots between film and paper.

* Drop out: The portions of artwork that do not print.

* Duotone: A halftone picture made using two printed colors.

* Emboss: Pressing an image into paper to create a raised relief.

* Flood: To cover a page with ink, varnish, or plastic coating.

* Flop: The reverse side of an image.

* Foil: A metallic or pigmented coating used in foil stamping or foil embossing.

* Foil embossing: Using a die to emboss and press foil or pigment into an image.

* Foil stamping: Using a die to place a metallic or pigmented image on paper.

* Four color process: Using the four primary printing colors to create a printed color picture.

* Halftone: Converting a continuous tone to dots for printing.

* Hickey: Unplanned spots in a printed image thanks to dust, lint, or dried ink.

* Highlight: The lightest areas in a picture.

* Impression: Putting an image onto paper.

* Ink fountain: The reservoir on a printing press that holds ink.

* Knock out: To mask an image.

* Magenta: The red color in the four standard process colors.

* Mask: To block light from reaching parts of a printing plate.

* Mechanical: Camera ready art, all contained on one board.

* Mechanical separation: An overlay of mechanical art for each color to be printed.

* Middle tones: Tones in an image that are approximately half as dark as a shadow area.

* Moire: When screen angles cause odd patters in photographs.

* Negative: A film image that makes black areas white and white areas black.

* Non-reproducing blue: A shade of blue the camera cannot see, used in marking artwork.

* Offsetting: Using an intermediate surface to transfer ink. Can also mean when freshly printed sheets transfer images to each other.

* Outline halftone/silhouette halftone: To remove the background of a picture or silhouette an image.

* PMS: Pantone Color Matching System

* Process colors: Cyan (blue), magenta (red), yellow, black.

* Reverse: The opposite of what you see -- for example, the reverse of black print on white paper would be white print on black paper.

* Scanner: A device used to scan art, pictures, or drawings. Also, a device used to make color separations, halftones, duotones, and tri-tones.

* Shadow: The darkest areas of a photograph.

* Spot varnish: Varnish used to highlight a specific part of a printed sheet.

* Stamping: Foil stamping.

* Stat: The inexpensive printing of line copy or halftone.

* Step and repeat: Placing the same image on plates in more than one place.

* Tints: Shades of a single color or combined colors.

* Transparency: A positive photographic slide on film that allows light to pass through.

* Transparent ink: A printing ink that does not conceal the color underneath.

* Trapping: Printing one ink over another.

* UV coating: An environmentally friendly liquid laminate. It can be bonded and cured with ultraviolet light.

* Varnish: A clear liquid applied to printed surfaces for protection.

* Vignette halftone: A halftone that gradually fades to white.

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Insight Of The Week
"Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings,
turn routine jobs into joy, and
change ordinary opportunities into blessings."

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