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Hot tips & Ideas Update, Vol-10 Issue #019
October 12, 2010

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Hot Tips Of The Week 13 Oct 2010
Volume 10, Issue 019
1. Note from David

2. Feature Article:
Different Types of Calendars

3. Insight Of The Week

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Note From David

Hello ,

It seems a lot of people have resonated with my comments about having an action plan. Indeed I've noticed that a lot of very successful people have their own action plans and that's one big reason why they are so successful.

While I'm learning and modeling on their working habits, a big benefit we can enjoy is the MOTIVATION we get through the planning process.

When we plan, we can get down on paper all the obstacles that stand in our way, instead of feeling uneasy and over-stressed by not knowing what they are. We can now consciously identify and solve all of them, enabling us to gather an intense amount of energy and momentum.

We'll get the excitement of seeing our vision clearly, we must and will, have CLARITY.

In the printing world, now is the time for planning calendars and Christmas cards for the coming Christmas and New Year period, so this edition's feature article is on Calendar Printing, and with all the different choices available, I'm sure you will find the type of calendar that will work best for your company.


Dedicated to your business success and profits.

David Ji

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Feature Article

Different Types of Calendars

If you're planning a custom printed calendar, you have a lot of choices to make. Do you want a traditional, yearly calendar to keep your business in front of your clients all year long? What about a quarterly calendar, so your clients get a fresh mailing four times a year. Your printing budget and your marketing plan will help determine what type of calendar will work best.

Calendars are available in several different sizes. Some standards are based on standard paper sizes and weights:

* A 5.5 by 8.5 (A5/148 by 210 mm) saddle stitched calendar opens up to 8.5 by 11 (A4/210 by 297 mm) -- the size of a sheet of standard printer paper folded in half.

* An 8.5 by 11 (A4/210 by 297 mm) saddle stitched calendar opens up to 11 by 17 (A3/297 by 420 mm) -- the size of a sheet of legal size paper folded in half.

* Calendars are typically printed on 80 pound or 100 pound paper.

Which type of calendar is right for you? It depends a lot on what you like and what you think your clients will like.

If your main clientele is people working alone, or keeping track of only their own schedules, a personal calendar may be a better option for your promotional needs. However, if your product or service is geared towards families, a larger wall calendar may be more useful for keeping track of family appointments and events. You also have the option of a non-traditional calendar like a birthday calendar, which lists the days of the month (but not the days of the week) with space to fill in birthdays.

Are you planning a twelve month calendar with a different image for every month? A saddle-stitched calendar (stapled on the fold) is a traditional style that people are used to. However, if your calendar is full of art that your clients might like to save, a saddle stitched calendar may not be the way to go -- if you rip out half the pages, the other half can fall out. A wire-bound calendar will stay together if a page or two disappears, and gives you more options for display. You could have a different picture for every week if you wanted to (and your budged allowed).

For an artist or graphic design company whose images will be works of art, you may need to consider the fact that your clients will be interested in saving the calendar pictures for use in scrapbooks or even as casual home or office decor. On the other hand, if you've only got one image, do you want to print the whole year on a single page, or would you rather have months that can be torn off? What will be more valuable to your clients? A year at a glance calendar may be very useful to a person who travels frequently or only needs to know what day of the week a certain date falls on. Someone who needs to keep track of certain dates and appointments may appreciate a monthly pull-off calendar.

Once you've decided on size and format, it's time to think about colour and images. Do you want your calendar printed in full colour on every page? Will your images look good in two colours? Do you prefer a glossy look, or a matte finish?

Your printing professional can show you all your different calendar printing options and help you pick the project that best fits your desires and budget.

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Insight Of The Week
"Every achiever that I have ever met says,
'My life turned around when I began to believe in me.'"

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