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Hot tips & Ideas Update, Issue #009
September 22, 2009

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Hot Tips Of The Week 23 Sept 2009
Volume 09, Issue 009
1. Note from David

2. Feature Article:
When Choosing Between Printing Companies, Are You Making These Mistakes?

3. Insight Of The Week

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Note From David


Hello ,

This is the most daring claim I have ever made,

and I know I might ultimately be humiliated for doing so, but anyway, I have still decided to announce our
"3 month challenge" and I assume you'll be watching to see how it turns out.

So here is the claim: In 3 months, from now till the end of year 2009, we'll increase our business turnover by 25%.

Yes, I know it is very hard for an 11 year old company to achieve a jump in sales of 25% within 3 months. After all, we've been cruising along comfortably for all these years. It could be especially hard, considering the current economic uncertainty, and the trading environment, which will very likely turn harsh again.

Many people believe that the recession is over and the economy has turned, but my belief is that we're going to have a much worse time within 1-2 years. It seems like we have good news everywhere and many big companies balance sheets are exceeding expectations, but the truth of the matter is, that this is due to massive government stimulus, and company cost cutting, which can't go on forever! If we pay attention to the big company's balance sheets, with only a few exceptions, the true sales figures have dropped dramatically. The recession is far from over! With the other information I have collected, I feel that very soon, we're going to suffer a share market downturn in a big way.

What I'm saying is, our challenge is more like a " mission impossible", but if we put 100% of our effort into it, we'll get results, and the true benefit of this exercise, is that this will enable us to share our successes and challenges with you, so you can analyse them and adopt our good ideas for your company.

I'll be sharing what we do, and why we do what we do. You'll pick up a few good ideas from the insights I'll be sharing. Of course, we need your encouragement to egg us on, or maybe you have some good ideas, to help us achieve our target!

So from the next issue, we'll be giving you updates of our marketing campaign. For this issue, please enjoy our feature article: "When Choosing Between Printing Companies Are You Making These Mistakes?"

Dedicated to your business success and profits

David Ji
Feature Article

When Choosing Between Printing Companies, Are You Making These Mistakes?

Mistake #1:
Choosing printing companies that have limited options.

A winning company can offer you different printing processes, different weights, textures and colours of paper, exciting fonts and graphics to choose from, and packages to help you find everything you need to get your business off the ground or help it to move up to the next level.

Mistake #2:
Choosing a printer that doesn't offer one stop shopping.

We at Advance Printing & Signs are dedicated to becoming the one stop supplier for all your printing & signage needs. We have the ability to offer Traditional Offset Printing as well as Digital Printing or even the new Wide Format Printing for your display requirements. We will help you design, lay-out, print, and bind any work. We can help with any advertising signage, mailings and any specialty advertising products you want including T-shirts, uniforms, pens, mugs, binders, etc.
We make the commitment to go out of our way so you don't have to. Your time is important, spend your valuable time on your core business and let us help you with the rest.

Mistake #3:
Choosing a company that is not experienced.

You don't have to immediately rule out the newcomers, but there's something to be said for years of experience. An experienced printer can make your product look it's best. They should know what's best for you and your project, and be full of suggestions and ideas.

Mistake #4:
Choosing a company that doesn't offer a solid, peace-of-mind guarantee.

In my view, every company should be fully accountable for it's work, and if you aren't pleased with the quality or service, they should fix it or you shouldn't have to pay. Not many printing companies offer this 100% guarantee. If they do offer a guarantee it is limited. Ask the printing company if they offer a 100% guarantee on quality and service, and if they say yes, ask to see it in writing.

Mistake #5:
Choosing a printer that doesn't have a lifetime commitment to you.

We feel everyone should be given the royal treatment even if they don't have large printing orders. Every printing company should bend over backwards for their clients like we do. This means a printer should never print a job when there is something wrong with the client's artwork and not, just charge as much as they can get away with because the client doesn't know any better.

We believe in the 'Lifetime Value of a Client' theory. Those who don't are the wrong printers to be dealing with.

"When Choosing Between Printing Companies, Are You Making These Mistakes?" was brought to you by Advance Printing and Signs Pty Ltd...A true "one stop" PRINTING & SIGNAGE supplier. Want to save TIME, MONEY & STRESS on all your printing needs? Contact us on 02 9749 1966 at 38 Railway Street, Lidcombe, Sydney, NSW Australia 2141

(C) 2009 David Ji - Advance Printing & Signs
Insight Of The Week
"The man who is prepared has his battle half fought."

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