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Hot tips & Ideas Update, Issue #008
September 08, 2009

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Hot Tips Of The Week 9 Sept 2009
Volume 09, Issue 008
1. Note from David

2. Feature Article:
Get The Most From A Commercial Printing Service In Six Easy Steps

3. Insight Of The Week

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Note From David

Hello ,

This week I was busy talking to a lot of you to get some feedback about our e-zine. Apparently most of you like the content, but feel a bit overwhelmed as you don't have the time to read our e-zine every week. I really appreciate your honest opinion, because that helps me continue to create a newsletter that is more useful to all of you, with a frequency that is more adapted to your busy life style.

So from this issue we'll cut down our frequency, and our e-zine will be published every two weeks instead of weekly, though I'm so passionate about the subject and love to pour out everything I know.

I'm working on a new plan, a plan that excites and scares me at the same time! I'll announce it in our next issue, but for now I'll keep it a mystery. I believe you'll definitely want to find out what it is, so stay tuned!

This week's feature article is "Get The Most From A Commercial Printing Service In Six Easy Steps", because from my experience, the majority of business people have little understanding of printing, let alone all the traps and tricks of the printing industry. Flying 'blind' really puts people in a vulnerable situation, where they can only hope for the best. So check out the article, I'm sure you'll become a more informed printing purchaser. Enjoy!

Dedicated to your business success and profits

David Ji
Feature Article

Get The Most From A Commercial Printing Service In Six Easy Steps

Bad news: your small quick print shop may not be able to offer you superior quality printing and competitive prices. Why? Because a small quick print shop may have limited resources available -- they may not be able to offer all the options a larger operation can. On the other hand, a quality commercial colour printing company has both the experience and the ability to keep print quality high and printing costs low.

Three major benefits of using a commercial colour printing service are:

* Printing higher quantities with a bigger press is more cost effective.

* A good commercial colour printing service will have the equipment available to handle any and all jobs in a timely fashion.

* Prices are often a fraction of the cost for the same job at your local quick print shop.

No matter what you need printed, a good commercial colour printing service is your best bet for high impact, high quality colour materials.

So how do you get the most from your commercial printing company?

1. Look closely at your printer's samples -- especially projects that are similar to yours. Look at the brightness of the colours, the ink coverage, the sharpness of text and images, and alignment. If the samples are sloppy, chances are your project will come out looking sloppy too. If the samples are perfect, chances are your project will come out looking perfect! Quality printing and a good look helps sell your message.

2. Always make sure your printer knows every aspect of your job. Be thorough -- it will help your printer make an accurate price and time estimate! Things to include: the form of artwork you'll submit, the overall and finished/folded size of your project, the number of colours you'll want to print in, the ink colours, the quantity, the paper type, how you want it bound, how you want it packaged, when you'll need it, and if you want it delivered.

3. Don't rush. Yes, sometimes rush jobs are unavoidable. But you can help your commercial colour printing company do their job right by giving them enough time. Mistakes happen when you rush! Plan in advance as much as possible to help your printing projects go smoothly for everyone.

4. Be flexible. There may be a more efficient way to get your project done. There may be a font change that gives your printed materials the look and feel you want. Don't be afraid to ask your printer for advice and suggestions.

5. Trust their design expertise. A good commercial colour printing service will have the knowledge to help you along every step of the way -- from the first design and layout to the final product.

6. Trust their printing expertise. A good commercial colour printing service will be able to suggest options to reduce processing time and project expense.

"Get The Most From A Commercial Printing Service In Six Easy Steps" was brought to you by Advance Printing and Signs Pty Ltd...A true "one stop" PRINTING & SIGNAGE supplier. Want to save TIME, MONEY & STRESS on all your printing needs? Contact us on 02 9749 1966 at 38 Railway Street, Lidcombe, Sydney, NSW Australia 2141

(C) 2009 David Ji - Advance Printing & Signs
Insight Of The Week
"Wisdom thoroughtly learned will never be forgotten."

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