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Hot tips & Ideas Update, Vol-11 Issue #011
July 18, 2011

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Hot Tips Of The Week 19 July 2011
Volume 11, Issue 11
1. Note from David

2. Feature Article:
"Essential Elements For Plastic Card Printing".

3. Insight Of The Week

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Note From David

Hello ,

It's the beginning of another financial year, and like everyone, we all want to make this our best year ever!

Without denying where we are right now, how can we face our current reality and really make this year our best ever?

I know it's human nature to normally see only the problems we face, but with all the business challenges and difficult situations, which are inevitable, I've now learned to welcome them instead of spending most of my energy trying to fight, ignore, or resist them.

If we meet problems as they arise, and make the necessary changes and adjustments, we will experience much greater success.

Of course, like most of the successes in our lives, it depends on the quality and quantity of the information we receive, followed by its implementation.

Back to our printing subject, what can we do to improve our business image and attract future clients? Have you thought about "plastic card printing"? Plastic cards make a lasting impression!

In this ezine feature article you'll learn how your company can benefit from plastic card printing, and as I just mentioned, the key is the correct and timely implementation of the information you receive.

Dedicated to your business success and profits.

David Ji

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Feature Article

Essential Elements For Plastic Card Printing.

Plastic cards make a lasting impression and are incredibly versatile.

Your first decision is: what will you use your plastic cards for? Will they be ID badges for employees and guests? Will you offer your best customers a loyalty card with special discounts? There are many different options.

* Plastic business cards will definitely get you noticed. Your card will stand out among the traditional paper business cards, and it's hard to throw away something that looks so impressive -- so your plastic business cards are more likely to be kept.

* Plastic gift cards allow your customers to spread the word about your business. Offering gift cards can really boost your business -- especially around the holidays.

* Membership and loyalty cards allow you to reward your best customers with special discounts and benefits.

* Gym, yoga, and spa passes allow customers to quickly gain entry to your facility without the fuss of signing in or checking in with a receptionist.

* VIP cards tell your best customers just how much you appreciate them!

* ID badges and guest passes make it easy to know who belongs in your office and who doesn't. In a large company, ID badges can help you remember employee's names.

* A season pass gives people quick and easy access to your sporting event, concert, amusement park, and more.

Your next decision is: do you want your card to have a magnetic strip? How about a computer chip? If you'd like to store cardholder information and track card usage, a magnetic strip and/or computer chip will come in very handy. A magnetic strip or computer chip can also hold an automatic termination date or other data you may want to use.

What do you want your card to look like? It should probably include your logo, if the graphic can be resized to fit on a small card. At the very least, you'll want your business name, and information on where to return the card if it is lost or misplaced. You'll also get to choose what type of card you want: opaque, clear, or frosted, plastic. Would you prefer embossed lettering or simple flat printing? Will your card be printed in one colour or in the full four colours? Add foil accents to make your plastic card printing really shine. Do you need a hole or slot stamped in your card for a lanyard or clip? Your printing budget may limit your design and add-on choices.

Talk to us about your options. You have so many choices in designing a plastic card for your company! We will help you create a good looking plastic card that won't break your budget.

"Essential Elements For Plastic Card Printing" was brought to you by Advance Printing and Signs Pty Ltd...A true "one stop" PRINTING & SIGNAGE supplier. Want to save TIME, MONEY & STRESS on all your printing needs? Contact us on 02 9749 1966 at 38 Railway Street, Lidcombe, Sydney, NSW Australia 2141

(C) 2011 David Ji - Advance Printing & Signs

Insight Of The Week
"The best way to predict the future is to create it."

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