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Hot tips & Ideas Update, Vol-11 Issue #010
June 15, 2011

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Hot Tips Of The Week 15 June 2011
Volume 11, Issue 10
1. Note from David

2. Feature Article:
"Getting The Most Benefit From Your Stationery Printing".

3. Insight Of The Week

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Note From David

Hello ,

In this issue I want to talk a little more, about why it's important to work with a printer that provides a 'one stop shop' approach to their service.

This means that when company owners/managers want printing and signage done they don't have to go from here to kingdom come and back again.

All they need to do is come to someone like us, because we have the means to do the lot.

Choosing a comprehensive printing service is not only going to save you time and money, which is better spent on other things in your business but it's also going to stop the frustration and stress that comes with going from one printer to another.

You don't need to pay twice to re-do your artwork, or for any other hidden costs, due to file conversions (large or small). Whether it's a business card, a poster or a sign, a one stop printing service can simply transfer your images and logos from one project to another.

If you work with a printing company like Advance Printing & Signs right from the start with any of your printing and signage jobs, everything happens under one roof.

And our clients enjoy the concentrated buying power that comes from dealing with a one stop supplier like us, instead of spreading their expenditure over different suppliers. All of a sudden, they become a bigger account and enjoy a better rate.

And you will without any shadow of a doubt save stacks of time and money.

Isn't that a great tip for adding a bit of extra cash flow to your company?

Right now, I'd like to give you an article to read that will improve your knowledge of the printing industry.

It's entitled "Getting The Most Benefit From Your Stationery Printing" and I hope you enjoy it and find it useful in your everyday business life...

Dedicated to your business success and profits.

David Ji

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Feature Article

Getting The Most Benefit From Your Stationery Printing.

A high quality printed stationery package gives your business a unified, professional look. Here are some tips to help you use your stationery in ways you might not have thought of -- to get the most bang for your stationery printing dollar!

# Make your letterhead go further. Just the company logo at the top gives you the freedom to use the same letterhead for different departments or different people.

# Use your letterhead for more than just letters. If you don't have money in your budget for things like receipts and invoices, you can use your basic printed letterhead as the base for your in-house printed receipts and invoices. Use your letterhead for company memos, sales letters, advertising proposals, and more.

# Make sure your mailing list is up to date! Don't waste envelopes and letterhead sending mailings to people who have moved or to addresses that aren't correct.

# Always ask your printer for samples. Before you even hand in your company logo, your printer can show you a variety of paper types, font options, and colours. Once you've picked the basics, you'll get another sample (called a proof) for you to review. This is the one you need to check with an eagle-eye -- make sure all contact information is correct, all names are spelled correctly, and everything is exactly the way you want it.

# Always print a test before preparing your whole mailing. Just like you ask your printing company for a proof of your stationery printing, you should always print out a sample of any letters, advertising, or marketing materials you'll be sending out. Otherwise, you may discover a mistake once you've printed out a hundred copies of your sales letter -- that's a hundred new pages for your scrap paper pile.

# Don't immediately go with the least expensive stationery printing company. Think about what's really important -- like the quality of the finished product and the quality of customer service. Do you want a stationery printing company that will give you lots of options, money-saving advice, and the benefit of years of experience? A skilled printer with a good eye for professional presentation, will be of more benefit to your company, than a few bucks saved on your stationery printing.

# Found a great deal online? Watch the shipping cost. Less than honest folks may offer products at a low price with ridiculously high shipping charges.

# Make new employees feel welcome with a set of printed stationery! A gift of professionally printed stationery will get your new team members excited about filling the empty pages with marketing ideas and sales pitches.

# Don't rule out stationery as a gift for friends and family. If someone you know is celebrating a milestone -- a graduation, important birthday, religious event, or wedding -- a set of custom printed cards will be handy to use for thank you notes.

"Getting The Most Benefit From Your Stationery Printing" was brought to you by Advance Printing and Signs Pty Ltd...A true "one stop" PRINTING & SIGNAGE supplier. Want to save TIME, MONEY & STRESS on all your printing needs? Contact us on 02 9749 1966 at 38 Railway Street, Lidcombe, Sydney, NSW Australia 2141

(C) 2011 David Ji - Advance Printing & Signs

Insight Of The Week
"We often take for granted the very things
that most deserve our gratitude."

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